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Biased Policing

By the way, have you ever wondered what biased policing is? The Winter Park Florida police department provides a good definition via its website: Bias-based policing occurs when an officer makes decisions or takes police action based upon his or her own personal or societal biases or stereotypes, rather than relying on facts and observed behaviors which would… Read More »

Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Served Interrogatories

Earlier today, I served perjuring priest Bob Malm interrogatories in the lawsuit in Federal District Court litigation. The questions, which must be answered under oath, focus on Bob’s various perjuries and fabrications. Ordinarily, it’s best not to use ‘yes” or “no” questions and answers. But given perjuring priest Bob Malm’s propensity for making stuff up on the fly,… Read More »

Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Asked to Put His Money Where his Mouth Is

In perjuring priest Bob Malm’s recent pleadings, he makes a series of bogus claims. But chief among them are the lie that the previous protective order was issued due to harassment. That’s not possible, because the law makes no such provision. So via a Request for Production, I have asked him to cite the provision of law that… Read More »

Injunction Filings

Earlier today, perjuring priest Bob Malm and I traded filings in federal district court over my request for an injunction. The latter would prevent Bob Malm from attempting to bypass security on my blog, from engaging in witness tampering, from contacting me directly, or trying to threaten or intimidate me. Predictably enough, Wayne Cyron falsely tells the court… Read More »