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Jesus Versus Bob Malm

Earlier today, I served perjuring priest Bob Malm interrogatories in the lawsuit in Federal District Court litigation. The questions, which must be answered under oath, focus on Bob’s various perjuries and fabrications.

Ordinarily, it’s best not to use ‘yes” or “no” questions and answers. But given perjuring priest Bob Malm’s propensity for making stuff up on the fly, I think we just need direct yes or no answers. And if Bob chooses not to tell the truth, I believe I have enough information on hand to pursue additional legal remedies against him.

Of note in the interrogatories, which I am filing with the court, is my request that perjuring priest Bob Malm and his attorney, Wayne Cyron, not try their usual nonsense of “see the materials provided in previous litigation.” Given the misconduct of Bob Malm and Sugarland Chiow in the original litigation, including concealment of at least 16 documents, and other issues including:

  • Perjuring priest Bob Malm’s defamatory email in which he lied to Shannon Johnston, while also falsely claiming I embezzled from a prior employer;
  • Perjuring priest Bob Malm’s other email, in which he specifically denies fearing for his safety;
  • Sugarland Chiow’s games with redaction of documents, including doing so to change their meaning;

I want all the documents, and I want them directly, and I am going to insist that perjuring priest Bob Malm and Wayne Cyron swear that they have not concealed any documents.

Meanwhile, I am going to continue to insist that perjuring priest Bob Malm tell the truth.