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More Correspondence from Tenth Presbyterian

Today I received more correspondence between Tenth Presbyterian and Phil Snyder. None of it’s pretty, and it thoroughly underscores the lack of a genuine Christian ethos among leadership at the church. Further, I’ll add that Liam Goligher sounds disturbingly like Dysfunctional Bob Malm, including the allegations that Liam has committed perjury. Needless to say, I am dubious about… Read More »

Yet Another of Bob Malm’s Courtroom Lies

Here’s another example of Bob Malm’s many lies. In this filing with the Alexandria Circuit Court, Bob Malm assures the court that I never practiced law, and never served as a police officer. Here is a copy of my  Pennsylvania attorney license registration, which shows that I am now happily retired: And here is a photo of me,… Read More »

Bob Malm’s Other Lie Under Oath

Here is Bob Malm’s other lie under oath. In his written responses to my interrogatories, a component of our recent litigation, Bob Malm claimed under oath that the only person in his family whom he knew to have blogged about our conflict was his wife, Leslie. Yet Bob knew from the get-go that his daughter Lindsey (Malm) Anders… Read More »

Still More Disturbing Correspondence from Tenth Presbyterian

Recently I received additional emails and correspondence relating to the debacle at Tenth Presbyterian in Philadelphia. The debacle includes multiple allegations of sexual misconduct; a seeming lack of accountability by the pastor, Liam Goligher; and possible efforts by the church and its law firm to suppress criticism by former member Phil Snyder. Most importantly, I believe that the… Read More »

Disturbing Emails Raise Concerns About Possible Cover-Up of Sexual Abuse at Tenth Presbyterian

As wave after wave of scandals hit the Catholic and Southern Baptist churches over allegations of sexual abuse, pastor Liam Goligher and Tenth Presbyterian in Philadelphia appear determined to drag their church into the same quagmire. Indeed, recent emails that I have received suggest a profound lack of concern for victims of sexual abuse, as well as the… Read More »

Greetings from Historic Christ Church

Sunday greetings from historic Christ Church! Beautiful weather, and most people have been very nice. As always, a few laughable moments, including: Christine Cheever, a member of Grace Church, mind already made up, who claimed that it’s not possible that Bob committed perjury on the basis that she “knows him.”  Nothing like faith in all the wrong things,… Read More »

This Weekend: More Protests and Leafletting

This weekend, I plan to protest outside one of Alexandria’s Episcopal churches on Sunday; I’ll keep which one close to the vest for now. I also plan to leaflet at least 250 more homes, again focusing on Beverly Hills and the area around Grace Church. Fun times!

HBC and Grace Church: When a Collapsing Mega-Church has More Integrity Than The Episcopal Church

Those who follow church abuse stories, particularly in evangelical churches, may be all too familiar with the collapse of Harvest Bible Chapel (HBC). The latter is a Chicago-based mega-church that not that long ago was considered one of the fastest growing in the world. Recently, however, founder James MacDonald was ousted amidst a series of complaints about bullying,… Read More »

Breaking News: 10th Presbyterian Church

As many know, some time ago I covered the situation of Phil Snyder and 10th Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. Among other things, Phil alleges that the church falsely claimed that he was violent and threatening while protesting and leafleting outside the church. His videotaping of his actions suggests, however, that this was not the case; subsequently, Phil filed… Read More »

Check it Out: More Defamation from Lindsey Malm

Wonder if Lindsey realizes that the statue of limitations under Virginia state law is one year from publication?  Of course, the larger issue is that you only have to look at the children if you want to learn about the parents. So when Bob Malm prattles on with the rhetorical question, “Will our children have faith?”, the answer… Read More »

More on Grace Church’s HVAC Project

With the general, HVAC, and mechanical contractors now in place for Grace Church’s HVAC project, there are two outstanding issues, both of which may affect the church for years to come. To my knowledge, neither has been satisfactorily answered, either by Bob Malm, or the vestry. Yet both warrant further thought and reflection. First is the issue of… Read More »

New Signage: Bob Malm, Perjuring Priest

New signage, just in time for Lent! Oh, and when Bob inevitably tries to lie his way out of this one, just ask him for his proof that my Mom made an appointment with him. Ever. Yet under oath Bob claims she did.  Bob Malm, perjuring priest 

Handling of Sexual Misconduct Allegations at National Cathedral Stands in Marked Contrast to the Diocese of Virginia

According to WTOP, the schools at the National Cathedral have expanded their investigation into potential sexual misconduct to include two additional schools operating on the premises, co-ed Beauvoir School and the all-girls National Cathedral School. The original investigation only involved St. Albans boy’s school and started over allegations of inappropriate activity by Vaughn Keith, a teacher at the… Read More »

Bob Malm’s Many Lies

Here, in a concise visual format, is a summary of some of Bob Malm’s lies. Some were lies he told to me. Others are lies he has told about me. Several were made under oath, and thus constitute perjury. Of course, if Bob Malm wishes to produce documentation that my Mom has made appointments with him, for example,… Read More »

Reminder: No Contact

It should be unnecessary, but as a reminder, I have specifically asked Bob Malm, in writing, to have no contact with me, either directly or through others. Moreover, no member of Grace Church, its vestry, or the diocese should contact me or Mike without my advance permission. Anyone violating this request will be regarded as violating § 18.2-60.3 of… Read More »

Leafleting this Weekend

Today was a successful day. Why? Because I had my first 100,000 hit day in social media, after a couple friends generously reposted/retweeted my posts. To build on that, I’ll be leafleting this weekend, in addition to the usual protests at Dysfunction Junction, aka Malm Square(d), Sugarland Circle, MOM’s, and a few other key digs. My goal is… Read More »

Grace Episcopal School: Is Your Child Safe?

Subtitle for this post: Grace Episcopal welcomes pedophiles and felons, but not bloggers. One of the issues that Bob has created for both the church and the school is concern among parents about safety. With that in mind, let’s explore the issue, while recognizing that safety includes both physical safety and spiritual/emotional safety. Physical safety In the realm… Read More »