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More Correspondence from Tenth Presbyterian

Today I received more correspondence between Tenth Presbyterian and Phil Snyder. None of it’s pretty, and it thoroughly underscores the lack of a genuine Christian ethos among leadership at the church. Further, I’ll add that Liam Goligher sounds disturbingly like Dysfunctional Bob Malm, including the allegations that Liam has committed perjury. Needless to say, I am dubious about… Read More »

Yet Another of Bob Malm’s Courtroom Lies

Here’s another example of Bob Malm’s many lies. In this filing with the Alexandria Circuit Court, Bob Malm assures the court that I never practiced law, and never served as a police officer. Here is a copy of my  Pennsylvania attorney license registration, which shows that I am now happily retired: And here is a photo of me,… Read More »

Bob Malm’s Other Lie Under Oath

Here is Bob Malm’s other lie under oath. In his written responses to my interrogatories, a component of our recent litigation, Bob Malm claimed under oath that the only person in his family whom he knew to have blogged about our conflict was his wife, Leslie. Yet Bob knew from the get-go that his daughter Lindsey (Malm) Anders… Read More »