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Bob Malm’s Claims That Grace is Threatened by Domestic Terrorism: Harmful to Children?

The Washington Post recently ran an article that was syndicated nationwide, “How many American children have hidden from gun violence?” The article examined the prevalence of lockdown drills, used to prepare students and staff for a possible active shooter, and the pyschological effect these drills have on children. The conclusion: Such drills, while perhaps necessary, can be profoundly… Read More »

Gallup Poll Shows Respect for Clergy Hits Record Low

Think fast—which do you trust more: A funeral director or a member of the clergy? If you’re like most Americans, the answer is, “Funeral director.” That’s pretty amazing, given that it wasn’t that many years ago that the FTC lowered the boom, with partial success, on the antics of the funeral industry. And it underscores another point: Respect… Read More »

Bob Malm: Is He Dangerous?

Bob’s repeated assertions that I am dangerous raise an important question: Is Bob Malm himself dangerous? Before we go further, let me say up front that I don’t know the answer to that question. But I believe there is reason to be concerned, and both friends and family members think Bob may be dangerous. Here’s why. As I… Read More »

Remember the Meaning of Christmas. This Holiday Season, Boycott Grace Episcopal Church

This Christmas, amidst the presents, the good food, the time with family and friends, please remember the real meaning of Christmas. Show compassion for the sick, the lonely, the dying, the outcast, the forlorn.  Boycott Grace Episcopal Church, which shuns its own parishioners and does so at the rector’s direction, where people think it’s okay to mock the… Read More »

Plunging Stock Market May Exacerbate Grace Church’s Financial Woes

With recent stock market activity showing some striking similarities to the market crash of 1987, and the double whammy of a possible partial shut-down of the federal government, Grace Episcopal Church may well enter 2019 in dire financial condition. As I stated in previous posts, when factoring in depreciation and amortization, Grace has been running an annual deficit… Read More »

Another Dirtbag Minister Sues Church Members

In recent news, it turns out Bob Malm is not the only dirtbag clergyperson to sue his members in an effort to suppress free speech. James MacDonald, the senior pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel, recently filed suit against the bloggers behind The Elephants Debt, a publication that criticizes MacDonald for allegedly misgoverning the church, inflating his salary, and all… Read More »

New York State Senator Urges Opponent to Commit Suicide. Members of Grace Episcopal Would Approve

A state senator recently told an opponent, “Kill Yourself,’ via a tweet, but later deleted the tweet and apologized. That’s a step up from Grace Episcopal, where a college-aged member of the parish urged me to “go kill [myself],” but has never retracted her post. Moreover, the latter enjoys the tacit endorsement of the Virginia Episcopal bishops, as… Read More »

Parish Pedophile Free to Roam Grace Episcopal Church and School

One of the interesting things about Dysfunctional Bob and his vendetta against me and my family is that he hasn’t taken a similar approach with other parishioners. This includes the parishioner who allegedly has boundary issues with children, and whom I believe is a pedophile, as well as the married couple who allegedly had an open and notorious… Read More »

Breaking News: Additional Lawsuit Possible Against Grace Episcopal, Diocese, Malm Family, Vestry Members

Shortly after Christmas, I will be out of town for several days to meet with attorneys and other potential plaintiffs to a multi-party lawsuit against Grace Episcopal Church, Dysfunctional Bob and his family, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, vestry members (both as officers of the organization and in their individual capacities) and several specific members of the parish.… Read More »

Commenter on Episcopal Cafe Confirms That TEC #Metoo Efforts a Crock

I recently posted a comment on Episcopal Cafe, pointing out that coming suspension of the canon law statute of limitations for clergy sexual misconduct is largely bogus. Specifically, the diocese of Virginia, the largest in The Episcopal Church, still insists that clergy retaliation for filing a Title IV case is acceptable. Thus, anyone who complains internally of clergy… Read More »

Termination of DioVA Search for Bishop Provisional Underscores Problems in Diocese

As members of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia know, the diocese recently announced that it has ended its search for a bishop transitional, or interim bishop to serve for a three-year period following Bishop Shannon Johnston’s retirement. For those of us who have been following events, the announcement is far from unexpected. As I have said many times, there have… Read More »

See for Yourself: Grace Episcopal Parishioner Mocks Dying Woman, Drags Family Members Into Dispute, Makes Accusations of Domestic Violence

Need further proof that Grace Episcopal Church and Bob Malm are toxic? Here’s a screen cap of comments believed to come from a member of Bob Malm’s family. I’d add that mom’s “shiner” is a growth on her right eye. Grace Episcopal and Bob Malm are so ethically skewed they think it’s okay to mock the dying.

Grace Episcopal: More on Bullying

Amidst Lisa Medley’s claims that no one else has complained about being bullied at Grace Episcopal Alexandria, aka St. Dysfunction, I have already supplied written evidence that her claims are a falsification, a lie. But there is additional evidence out there. Earlier, I posted about the ridiculous and childish antics in the altar guild, when a senior member… Read More »

See For Yourself: Grace Parishioners Asked to Pay Half the Cost of HVAC Rebuild, Despite Almost No Benefit to the Church

At a time when Grace Episcopal is barely hanging in there financially, there’s a dark cloud hanging over things. Specifically, members of the church are being asked to pay half the cost of replacing the HVAC systems in Merrow Hall, the wing of the complex that houses the school and the auditorium. Given the limited benefit to the… Read More »

Speaking of Money….

As you consider pledging this fall, here are a few questions you might ask: Why, when a previous parish administrator left, was more than $1,000 in loose cash found in her office, as well as numerous stale checks? Why were these issues not detected in advance of her departure? What safeguards have been implemented so that this cannot… Read More »