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Important Reminder: The Complicity of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia

As the various lawsuits move forward against Grace Episcopal Alexandria, perjuring priest Bob Malm, and members of the Malm family, there’s an important fact to remember. Specifically, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, Susan Goff, and Shannon Johnston have been directly notified of Bob Malm’s perjury, but have consistently responded by engaging in coverup. The situation is much like… Read More »

Lindsey Malm Anders Lawsuit and More

As my conflict with perjuring priest Bob Malm moves into its sixth year, the litigation continues unabated.  That goes without saying, for never once has anyone at the church ever even asked to discuss the matter with me directly, instead blindly supporting perjuring priest Bob Malm’s misconduct. That said, I am working on a full set of legal… Read More »

Perjuring Priest Petition Passes 24,000 Signers

As perjuring priest Bob Malm and the Episcopal Church continue their cover-up of Malm’s conduct, I continue to collect signatures on my petition demanding accountability. A few minutes ago my petition passed 24,000 signatures—more than typically attend Sunday services in the entire Episcopal Diocese of Virginia! How many people calling for reform before the Episcopal Church demonstrates ethical… Read More »

Requests for Production of Documents Served on Perjuring Priest Bob Malm, Grace Episcopal Alexandria in Virginia Lawsuit

Moments ago I filed Requests for Production of documents with attorneys for perjuring priest Bob Malm and Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, in the Virginia litigation. Later this week, I will file a series of discovery requests against perjuring priest Bob Malm’s daughter, Lindsey Malm Anders, in the defamation case against here in Virginia. Stay tuned.

Details: Lindsey Malm Anders Lawsuit and More

With the initial motions court hearing behind us, over the next few days I will begin ramping up on the Lindsey Malm Anders defamation lawsuit. This will include the filing of interrogatories, requests for the production of documents, and more. I also anticipate we’ll have motions court in the next few weeks in the Pennsylvania case against perjuring… Read More »