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This Week’s Protests

It’s shaping up to be another busy week of protests. As things stand, I’ll be in one of the usual places Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday for rush hour, as well as several hours mid-day Sunday. See you then!

Amusing Encounter

Ever wonder just how dysfunctional Grace Church is? Today’s amusing encounter with a clueless parishioner (who will, for now remain nameless), provides insight. The individual in question rolled through one of the intersections where I was protesting, yelling, “Get a life, Eric!” Subsequently, he parked his vehicle and took several photos of me, adding, “Move your sign down.… Read More »

Grace Church, Leaks, and Truth

One of the amusing things in recent weeks has been the chance to see firsthand the extent to which members of Grace Church wrongly believe that there’s much of anything that goes on in the church that is secret. In a small community of any sort, it it normal for information to move quickly between members, often through… Read More »

News: Mom

A couple of folks have asked how Mom is doing. The answer is, “Not great,” but I doubt anything is imminent. Of course, we can’t really talk on the phone any more, and even mild activity is problematic. But we keep in touch. Meanwhile, the recent passing of my much-loved friend and editor Ann Fontaine, who also suffered… Read More »

Bob Malm’s Smear Campaign

To the observant within Grace Church, this doesn’t come as news, but Bob Malm’s smear campaign, which currently focuses on suggestions that I am mentally ill, continues. Specific examples: It is documented that Bob contacted both an employer of mine and my current church to complain of my protests. By Bob’s own written admission, he brought up the… Read More »

Good Article On Clergy Discipline

In The Episcopal Church, the clergy disciplinary canons are referred to as Title IV. Applying only to clergy and not laity, these provisions may not be reviewed in civil courts. Some years ago, the church transitioned to a clergy disciplinary model that is restorative in nature, versus based on retribution or punishment. Specifically, the process focuses on healing… Read More »