Monthly Archives: October 2020

My Comments on Christianity Today

Christianity Today is a mainstay of conservative evangelicals. But on one thing we can agree, which is that the Episcopal Church is morally bankrupt. Any church that can say that it will only address clergy perjury is morally bankrupt. And yes, that would be Bob Malm. As to Grace Church itself, it actually named part of the building… Read More »

Grace Episcopal Alexandria Urges People to Commit Suicide

Although I’ve posted this before, with pledge season looming it’s important to remember just what Grace Church is, and the results of its so-called ministry. In turn, it is appropriate to consider whether the church’s conduct warrants your financial support. Below is a screen cap of a message, posted to Fairfax Underground, that combines homophobia and something even… Read More »

Bonetti v. Grace Episcopal Alexandria Defamation Lawsuit: Plaintiff’s Brief in Opposition

Sometime tomorrow, I will file the attached legal memorandum and related documents in opposition to Grace Episcopal Alexandria’s plea in bar and demurrer in the defamation lawsuit against it. True to form, Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, refuses to be accountable for its conduct. It continues to try to defend its actions, often with inconsistent claims.… Read More »