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Bullying versus Peer Conflict

As I look over Bob Malm’s various emails, one of the striking things is how squarely his conduct falls within the definition of bullying, versus peer conflict. That’s not surprising, of course, because clergy are never peers with laity, but instead are ALWAYS responsible for establishing and maintaining appropriate boundaries. Consider the following comparison, published by various public… Read More »

Update: Depositions Set for Late August

It’s fair to say that Bob Malm’s vendetta — and his waste of time, money, and other church resources — continues unabated at a time when St. Dysfunction Grace Episcopal Church is stretched perilously thin, financially and in every other way. My attorney will be taking Bob Malm’s deposition on Thursday, August 30, as we seek to move… Read More »

Churches and Liquidity Targets

Speaking of St. Dysfunction  Grace Episcopal and its governance/financial management, there’s a good article on churches and liquidity targets at: Before you ask, the site is affiliated with the Assemblies of God. Given The Episcopal Church’s long history, and Bob Malm’s more than 40 years of “ministry,” it’s surely a sad day when Grace Church vestry members in… Read More »

Where’s Bob Malm When You Need Him?

As an unabashed liberal, I am in fear for my life! Oh, wait. Local law enforcement determined there’s nothing illegal about the sign. Check it out on the WTOP website:

See for Yourself: Leslie Steffensen’s Response to Background Check

Today and over the next few days, I’ll be releasing additional documentation of bad behavior at Grace Episcopal Church. Today’s installment is former assistant rector Leslie Steffensen’s responses about me when a background check was conducted in conjunction with a promotion I received at a retail job. As is often the case, the background check included time that… Read More »

Bob Malm, Troll

Years ago I had a wonderful, mixed-breed dog named Sugar. She was a gentle, affectionate creature, with some amusing quirks. One of those quirks was that any time she passed gas, she would turn around, look indignantly at her backside, and pretend like she had no idea what was going on back there. Of course, she didn’t fool… Read More »

See for Yourself: Email Conclusively Shows Alexandria City Officials Working with Grace to Suppress First Amendment Activities

I recently obtained a copy of the attached internal email, in which city of Alexandria police officials acknowledge in writing their efforts to identify legal strategies to suppress First Amendment-protected protests outside the church and online criticism. My opinion: The City of Alexandria should not be providing free legal advice in civil matters, and certainly not when the… Read More »

See for Yourself: My Critique of Title IV

In July of 2017, I wrote a piece for Episcopal Cafe about challenges in the current implementation of Title IV. Below is the text of the original article; it and related comments can be found online at Remember the Maginot Line? History buffs may recall that it was a massive series of fortifications along the French border, put… Read More »

Statement by Bishop Adams Underscores Bob Malm’s Hypocrisy

The Episcopal Church in South Carolina recently made an interesting statement apropos the Lawrencian dissidents. The statement underscores the fact that there is absolutely nothing Christian in Bob Malm’s current smear campaign and effort to avoid accountability by falsely claiming that he’s been threatened. Here’s what loyalist bishop Skip Adams said: The break in fellowship within The Episcopal… Read More »

Is Your Child Safe at Grace Episcopal Church/Grace Episcopal School? Possibly Not

A big issue in recent years within The Episcopal Church has been how to protect children and other vulnerable populations from sexual misconduct and other forms of abuse. To that end, the church has established policies and training designed to reduce the possibility of abuse. Unfortunately, St. Dysfunction aka Grace Episcopal Church is woefully non-compliant with these requirements.… Read More »

See for Yourself: My Op-Ed on Episcopal Cafe

Below is the text of my op-ed, published on Episcopal Cafe shortly before the General Convention vote approving whistleblower protection as part of Title IV. The original post can be found at: Letter to the Editor: General Convention and Church Ethics: The Importance of Whistleblower Protection In its report to the last General Convention, the Standing Commission… Read More »

See for Yourself: Another Bob Malm Email

Here’s an interesting one—an email between Bob Malm and Dennis Andreas, Commander of the Patrol Support Division of the Alexandria Police Department. Curiously, during discovery Bob was asked to provide copies of all relevant emails, but this wasn’t included. One wonders why that was. Could it be that Bob is not being honest? Did he withhold materials from… Read More »

New Protest Spot in my Rota

Well, Bob Malm now will have to come up with additional names besides “dysfunction junction” to refer to locations where I protest. In addition to the locations in Arlington and my favorite – Quaker Lane and Braddock Road, which is a mega-intersection — I’ve found that the intersection of Braddock and Russell works quite well. While traffic is… Read More »

See for Yourself: Twitizen Tells It Like it Is

Here is one of the many responses received last night as I was tweeting about my experiences at Grace Episcopal Church. The fact that people at St. Dysfunction Grace Church aka Planet Malm remain blind to Bob’s facially inappropriate conduct tells you all you need to know about the church.

The Financial Fragility of Grace Episcopal Church

Much was made in the closing months of 2017 about the fact that Grace Church has a budget surplus. But this triumphalism is both empty and dangerous for the parish, as it overlooks the parish’s tremendous financial vulnerability. Let me start by saying that parishioners have stepped up their individual pledges by almost 17 percent over the past… Read More »