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Sued for Perjury, Witness Tampering and Conspiracy

ALEXANDRIA, Va., April 5, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Eric Bonetti, the first person married to a same-sex partner at Grace Episcopal Church in Alexandria VA, is suing his former priest in the Federal District court for the Eastern District of Virginia, case number 1:21-cv-00190. The pleadings allege that the Rev. Robert Hiller Malm, while acting as rector of the… Read More »

Bonetti v. Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Looking for a place where you can see all the rhetoric back and forth in my lawsuit in federal district court against Grace Episcopal Church? If so, it’s all online at,_Virginia_et_al. In the meantime, I’ve faced some timing issues on this end, but I’ll likely file suit in Massachusetts very soon against perjuring priest Bob Malm and… Read More »