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BREAKING NEWS: Discovery Responses Received from Lindsey Malm Anders

Earlier today, I received the long-awaited discovery responses from Lindsey Malm Anders in my lawsuit against her. I’ll have more on this over time, but several noteworthy developments: The documents reveal that perjuring priest Bob Malm withheld documents during initial discovery. Nor is this the first time — he also withheld the defamatory email involving Kelly Gable. Thus,… Read More »

Repost: Grace Episcopal Alexandria Fact Checker

Over the years, Grace Episcopal Alexandria has, both intentionally and unintentionally, developed a number of claims about itself. Some are only partially true, others are false. Still others are true, but only with major caveats. With that in mind, here are some of the church’s claims that warrant further scrutiny. Grace is “growing and flourishing.”  Verdict: False In… Read More »

Praecipes, Discovery, Confidentiality and More

Earlier today, I filed a praecipe with the Alexandria Circuit Court clerk, requesting a third-party subpoena duces tecum to obtain information relevant to Bob Malm’s claim that my Mom, or someone claiming to be her, contacted him repeatedly, only to cancel. I am confident that this will demonstrate Bob’s perjury, and I copied the Grace vestry and Anne… Read More »

Great Article: Lawyer Less and Listen More

Earlier today, a friend sent me a great article on the ongoing scandals in evangelical churches, which discusses the importance of the church worrying less about lawyers and more about listening. Not necessarily lawyers with JD’s, but the whole effort to manage perception, versus listening and doing what’s right. I don’t have reprint permissions, so I’ve included a… Read More »

Kelly Gable’s Full Email

Earlier, I published the defamatory email from perjuring priest Bob Malm and Kelly Motormouth Gable. The email got pickup in a variety of online publications, including The Wartburg Watch. But there’s value in reading the earlier parts of the email thread, including Kelly’s comment about how working at RPJ Housing felt like being a prisoner on work release.… Read More »

Food for Thought

As the various legal cases against perjuring priest Bob Malm and Grace Episcopal Church move forward, I’d like to offer some food for thought on Bob Malm’s conduct and what it says about him. Specifically, it is very common among bullies of every ilk when challenged to claim to be the victim. That’s exactly what perjuring priest Bob… Read More »

Subpoena Requested, Expected to Prove Bob Malm’s Perjury

On Monday, December 28, I am requesting a third-party subpoena be sent to Grace Episcopal Alexandria seeking information about perjuring priest Bob Malm’s claim that Mom, or someone purporting to be her, contacted him repeatedly to set up appointments, only to cancel. This claim he made in his sworn interrogatories in the previous litigation. The latter were notarized… Read More »

Christmases Past

Earlier today, I was rummaging around through photos of Christmas past. There are a lot from my years at Grace Church. Last night, the church was largely empty, as it likely will be this Easter. But I particularly liked the irony of this photo, for it shows the tromp l’oeil I commissioned to replace the ugly plywood someone… Read More »

Shunning: A Sad Situation that Produces No Winners

Note from editor: I previously published the following on Surviving Church Shunning, or the deliberate exclusion of a person or persons from a church by a member of the clergy, is both devastating and widespread. Unfortunately, those who engage in this despicable practice rarely recognise that it hurts them, and the larger church, in a powerful and lasting… Read More »

BREAKING NEWS: Appeal Goes to State Supreme Court

In motions court today, Alexandria Circuit Court Judge Clark sustained Grace Episcopal Church’s demurrer on my defamation complaint, despite evidence that the church fraudulently concealed the defamatory email in question. As a result, I have already filed a notice of appeal, and will be petitioning the Virginia Supreme Court for review. Here is the Notice of Appeal.  

A No-Win Situation for Grace Episcopal Alexandria

With motions court set for tomorrow, there’s an important reminder for Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish. Specifically, no matter what happens tomorrow, in the end the church cannot win. It will not win. There is no fact pattern in which it wins. Indeed, if the court buys the church’s arguments tomorrow and dismisses my case, two… Read More »

First Christmas Without Mom And G

One of my flaws as a writer — and as a human — is that I’m bad at self-disclosure. Really bad. So this post is an attempt at something different. It’s my first Christmas without Mom and G — the latter my much-loved grandmother, who died just 20 days before Mom  And like many who have suffered loss,… Read More »

Grace Episcopal Alexandria in Motions Court

Tomorrow, December 23, Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, and I will be in motions court for the Alexandria Circuit. At issue are the church’s demurrer, in which inter alia the church claims that perjuring priest Bob Malm’s claim that I embezzled funds from a previous employer is somehow privileged. The problem with that argument, however, is… Read More »

Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Prepares to Leave St. Gabriel’s

Well-informed sources report that perjuring priest Bob Malm is preparing to leave his interim gig at St. Gabriel’s in Marion Mass. The news has been confirmed via the parish website. Per the latter, the new rector is the Rev. Eric Fialho. Notably, he grew up in Salem Massachusetts, as did my friend, Dee Parsons, publisher of The Wartburg Watch.… Read More »

Federal Data Shows Grace Received PPP Loan

Recently released federal information reveals that Grace Episcopal Alexandria received a Paycheck Protection Program loan in 2020 in the amount of $107.794. The issuer was Truist Bank, aka BB&T, the same bank that extended a PPP loan to Grace Episcopal School. Under the federal program, eligible organizations can borrow up to 2.5 months’ of total payroll costs. Thus,… Read More »

Please Sign My Petition

It’s my first Christmas without Mom (and my grandmother, as they died 20 days apart). As a result, it’s looking to be a very blue Christmas indeed. Lately. I haven’t spent as much time promoting it in social media, but my petition is nearing 25,000 signatures. For those so inclined, I’d welcome your signature and help in… Read More »

Time to Grow Up and File a Police Report

As many know, back in October The Wartburg Watch again covered perjuring priest Bob Malm’s defamation of me, which was a republication of comments from Kelly “Motormouth” Gable, in which Kelly claimed I embezzled from a previous employer. In addition, during discovery, Bob claimed he cannot recall which church members told him they thought I had hacked the… Read More »

Grace Rides the Right Lane of the Information Superhighway

Even as Grace Episcopal Alexandria gears up to expand its streaming offerings, it continues to hew to its old ways. That includes its lackadaisical approach to communication. As I posted previously, parish email distribution lists for practical purposes are not available to non-members. That is compounded by the fact that outdoor services are not open to the public… Read More »

Church Ignores Diocesan Guidelines, Prospective Members

Even as the diocese prepares to shutdown in-person church services again in response to the raging pandemic, Grace Episcopal Alexandria, true to form, ignores diocesan guidance and common sense regarding office operations. Here’s what the diocese says: In a nutshell, the diocese is saying, “Do only those tasks that cannot be done via telecommuting. Get in and get… Read More »