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Two Years Later, Workplace Culture in The Episcopal Church is Still Broken

In 2016, the Episcopal News Service, reporting on the wake of the firing of several top-level Episcopal Church officials, ran an article outlining findings that workplace culture in Episcopal Church headquarters were seriously troubled. Among the findings reported: That employees found it difficult to do what the considered to be ethical.  Despite that, two years later the church… Read More »

More Sick Comments From Grace Parishioners

Want to see still further proof that Grace Episcopal Church has become toxic? Check out the comments below, which judging from context, come from a parishioner.  Typical crap from the church—any approach except actually addressing misconduct within the parish. It’s telling, too, that members of the church go right to sex when they want to try to discredit… Read More »

Good Tweet from Dr. Diane Langberg

Diane, an expert on abusive churches, recently tweeted this. Guess that includes Mike, received into TEC 16 months prior to Bob Malm’s decision to tell Mike he is unwelcome at Grace church. Oh, wait: David Crosby says there are two sides to this, so I guess Bob Malm’s conduct towards Mike and the resulting trauma doesn’t count. No… Read More »

Navy Investigates Top Enlisted Sailor for Verbal Abuse; Episcopal Church Says Such Conduct is Unimportant to its Ministry

In a move that shows how out of step with the times The Episcopal Church really is, the US Navy has launched a misconduct investigation into Master Chief Petty Officer Steven Giordano‘s conduct, amidst acccusations that he has been verbally abusive. As a result of the investigation, Giordano has tendered his resignation, according to CNN. The navy’s actions are… Read More »

More Friendly Comments From Planet Malm

Need further proof that there is nothing even remotely Christian about Grace Church, aka St. Dysfunction aka Planet Malm? Check out the following post from yet another person connected with the church. The upshot is that this is typical of people at Grace church—when all else fails, resort to ad hominem attacks and telling people they’re not wanted.… Read More »

Comment on Surviving Church Blog

There’s a great comment on the Rev. Stephen Parson’s blog, Surviving Church, under his original post about shunning in church, “Shunning — a barbaric practice.” The author, based in the US, says: Stephen, thank you for this post. I emailed you a while back about some things I’ve realized about my church culture – white US evangelical, in… Read More »

Interesting Twitter Post on Clergy and the “Dark Triad”

In psychology, there is the concept of the so-called “Dark Triad,” which comprises three personality disorders that are highly prevalent among clergy. The three often interlock, and some consider them to exist along a continuum. The traits are narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. All comprise a lack of empathy, superficial charm, manipulation, lack of remorse, an inability to accept… Read More »

“The Power of Courageous Leadership”: Laughable Moments in Bob Malm’s Sermon

In a recent sermon, Bob Malm apparently attempts to manage perceptions of his lack of leadership and management skills by telling parishioners that he is reading Nancy Koehn’s book, “Forged in Crisis: The Power of Courageous Leadership in Turbulent Times.” That’s pretty funny, actually, as Koehn’s key messages illustrate just how dismal Bob’s performance as rector really is.… Read More »

A Fitting Metaphor for TEC

Today on my way to the gym I decided to scrape the TEC logo off the back window of my SUV. In a fitting tribute to the church and its role in my life, it proved to be annoyingly difficult to remove. Very apt: No real value, but a serious pain in the backside. Goodbye and good riddance,… Read More »

The Wartburg Watch on Clergy Compensation

In a previous post, I discussed the fact that Bob Malm’s almost $200,000 annual salary, plus his recent $100,000 bonus, means that he makes more than many Episcopal bishops. This article, reprinted under standard usage permissions from The Wartburg Watch, provides some additional context. Before diving into the article, it’s important to note that the Grace Episcopal church… Read More »

See for Yourself: Bob’s Misconduct Results in Declining Church Attendance

In previous posts, I documented the shocking decline of Grace Episcopal Church under Bob Malm’s “leadership,” including the loss of approximately 120 pledging units. Recent evidence further supports this conclusion, including vestry minutes, which reveal a 16 percent decline in average Sunday attendance (ASA), since he initiated his conflict with me. There’s also considerable evidence that, while parishioners have… Read More »