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Two Years Later, Workplace Culture in The Episcopal Church is Still Broken

In 2016, the Episcopal News Service, reporting on the wake of the firing of several top-level Episcopal Church officials, ran an article outlining findings that workplace culture in Episcopal Church headquarters were seriously troubled. Among the findings reported: That employees found it difficult to do what the considered to be ethical.  Despite that, two years later the church… Read More »

More Sick Comments From Grace Parishioners

Want to see still further proof that Grace Episcopal Church has become toxic? Check out the comments below, which judging from context, come from a parishioner.  Typical crap from the church—any approach except actually addressing misconduct within the parish. It’s telling, too, that members of the church go right to sex when they want to try to discredit… Read More »

Good Tweet from Dr. Diane Langberg

Diane, an expert on abusive churches, recently tweeted this. Guess that includes Mike, received into TEC 16 months prior to Bob Malm’s decision to tell Mike he is unwelcome at Grace church. Oh, wait: David Crosby says there are two sides to this, so I guess Bob Malm’s conduct towards Mike and the resulting trauma doesn’t count. No… Read More »