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Perjuring priest Bob Malm

Earlier today, perjuring priest Bob Malm and I traded filings in federal district court over my request for an injunction. The latter would prevent Bob Malm from attempting to bypass security on my blog, from engaging in witness tampering, from contacting me directly, or trying to threaten or intimidate me.

Predictably enough, Wayne Cyron falsely tells the court that Bob and his family have not tried accessing my blog—a claim readily proven to be a fabrication. One has only to check the myriad access attempts from Jekyll Island to see what’s going on — the rest of Georgia has had maybe a dozen hits in the past year, but since February there have been dozens of attempts from Jekyll Island. Hmmm.

As to Wayne’s assertion that none of the IP addresses in question are known to the Defendants, it’s highly doubtful that perjuring priest Bob Malm even knows what an IP address even is, let alone how to locate one.

Apropos witness tampering, Bob has contacted multiple witnesses and attempted to influence their testimony, versus the one person that Wayne cites.

Then we turn to Wayne’s claim that my blog is threatening. It is not, and I challenge him to produce evidence to prove his claim.

And Bob has repeatedly contacted me in violation of my request that he not do so, in two cases threatening me.

Finally, contrary to Wayne’s assertions, the federal Stored Communications Act expressly provides for an injunction preventing people from accessing stored communications without authority.


Anyway, combined in one file below is both perjuring priest Bob Malm’s filing and my response.