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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

By the way, have you ever wondered what biased policing is? The Winter Park Florida police department provides a good definition via its website:

Bias-based policing occurs when an officer makes decisions or takes police action based upon his or her own personal or societal biases or stereotypes, rather than relying on facts and observed behaviors which would lead the officer to believe that an individual has been, is currently, or is about to be involved in criminal activity.

Why bring this up? The reason is that this is the very definition of the City of Alexandria’s conduct towards Bob Malm. City police officers respond to perjuring priest Bob Malm not from an independent perspective, but from a deferential position due to him being clergy (at least in name). As a result, we see the City consistently brushing off evidence of Bob Malm’s perjury, false police reports, witness tampering/obstruction of justice, terroristic threats, and more, and in every case the city takes a pass. So much so that Patricio Alvarez even lied to Wilbur Salas, falsely telling him that Alvarez had not told me about a security detail at Grace Episcopal Church. And in the email containing the lie, Alvarez even tries to equate protesting with Bob Malm’s false claims that he’s being threatened.

In this day and age of problems in policing, it is profoundly troubling that the City of Alexandria employs Alvarez—someone willing to lie in the official performance of hi duties—-as a supervisor.

For the record, above iss the email in which Alvarez lied.