Plaintiff’s Memorandum Filed in Opposition to Perjuring Priest Bob Malm’s Motion to Dismiss

Late on Friday, I filed the following memorandum in opposition to perjuring priest Bob Malm’s motion to dismiss in federal district court for the Eastern District of Virginia. In it, I point out that even today the fabrications, lies, justifications, and more continue from Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish; the morally bankrupt Episcopal Diocese of Virginia; and of course perjuring priest Bob Malm.

Nor is Bob’s attorney, Wayne Cyron, proving to be above lying to the courts.

Fortunately, given the rapid downward trajectory of Grace Episcopal and its finances, we won’t have to deal with the church’s lies, perjury, urging people to commit suicide, and other toxic behavior for too many more years.


Grace Episcopal School Reports COVID-19 Cases

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Per a statement from Grace Episcopal Alexandria, a fully vaccinated member of the Grace Episcopal School staff and a student have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Given the increasing prevalence of more infectious strains of the disease, this was an outcome that I believe was inevitable.

As a result of the news, all in-church programs were cancelled for Sunday May 2 and Monday May 3.

It is important to remember that COVID-19 remains a deadly threat, and to do everything possible to reduce risk.

DioVA Continues to Ignore Grace Church Implosion, Even as EDOW Takes Steps to Address Problematic Parishes

Bob Malm

There’s an interesting development out there. In its special convention, the Episcopal Diocese of Washington has passed a canon to set up a process to formally address problematic parishes. That contrasts sharply with DioVA, which continues to stick its head in the sand with the mendacious pretense that Bob Malm’s perjury only counts if there are criminal charges. As a result, Grace Episcopal is lurching ever closer to existential disaster, while DioVA lacks any pretense to ethical legitimacy.

Those interested in the EDOW initiative can find additional information here.

Of course, we now have a situation in which DioMass and St. Gabriel’s are headed in the same direction. Neither has any concern about Bob Malm’s being a perjurer.

Speaking of mendacious, here is the written letter from ethically bankrupt Bishop Susan Goff and Sven vanBaar—the latter is now a delegate to General Convention.

Small wonder the Episcopal Church is collapsing.

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Notice of Appeal Served on Perjuring Priest Bob Malm

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Earlier today, the Circuit Court for the City of Alexandria declined to issue an injunction to prevent perjuring priest Bob Malm and family members from contacting Dee Parsons and other persons Bob Malm knows, or has reason to know, will serve as witnesses for the plaintiff when my lawsuit against him goes to trial. I have therefore provided defense counsel of notice of petition for appeal to the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Below is a copy of the notice.


Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Sued in Massachusetts

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

It’s official. Perjuring priest Bob Malm has now been sued in his individual capacity in Massachusetts.

I’m not yet ready to file service, but will do so shortly.

The docket number and other basic information are in the PDF below.


Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Named in Another Press Release As St. Gabriel’s Faces Lawsuit

Bob Malm

Earlier today, a press release went live covering the lawsuit against St. Gabriel’s Marion Massachusetts and the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. The move follows the decision of Bishop Alan Gates to ignore former interim rector Bob Malm’s perjury. Malm is the subject of a second lawsuit in his individual capacity.

Both the diocese and the parish previously had been asked to remove Malm’s libelous video, posted on the church’s website.

The press release can be found here.

Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the Clergy Perjury Parish, Tries to Hire a Temporary Bookkeeper

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, recently posted an ad for a temporary bookkeeper. Not only is this going to be an interesting slog, but there’s a wryly amusing side to it.

First, it’s not like working at Grace is a resume builder. Just think of the great interview questions at the next gig: Did Bob Malm really commit perjury? Why didn’t anyone put their foot down? Is it true that Bob Malm directed staff to misuse memorial donations? Did they really try to drag a dying woman into court? How many lawsuits are really going on?

Then we get the humor of the job description itself. “Speak and act in a manner appropriate for an Episcopal parish?!?”

Let’s see. Bob Malm’s perjury. His comment, in front of witnesses, “Why should I give a fuck?” Kelly Motormouth Gable’s defamation of me. Bob’s decision to force Mike out of the church. The deliberate misuse of memorial funds at Bob’s direction. A person known to have boundary issues with little girls. Doesn’t leave out much, does it?

Then we get the curious thing about facilities maintenance. Other than the HVAC project and Kris Hesse’s dutiful work outside, there hasn’t been jack diddly done around the building — at a time when the lack of use would make it easy to bang out projects, especially the inexpensive ones, like caulking, painting, replacement of photoelectric controls on the outdoor lights, and more.

And heaven only knows what Peter Hanke does with his time. Other than taking pictures of protestors, walking the foo-foo dog, and doing church bulletins for a limited number of services, there should be plenty of bandwidth to make recommendations and obtain bids on repairs and maintenance. Indeed, I have repeatedly fielded complaints from people who have asked to be added to church’s email lists, but nothing happens. Kinda hard to grow a church when you brush off persons who express interest in the place.

Moreover, it’s more than a little ironic that the job description talks about complying with church standards, when the parish has been ignoring diocesan standards for the prevention of COVID-19 transmission for months. As in the part about only being in the office for work that cannot be done remotely, and then for the briefest period of time. Or only a single vocalist, if there is any singing at all. Or the least number of people possible to stream services — typically a priest and a videographer, versus the 14 people Grace typically rolls out.

As to the position itself, the church would be far better paying a CPA. She or he would be more costly, but the church’s tendency is towards sloppiness and entropy in its business operations, and the parish certainly has not put its past behind it. Indeed, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

It’s also worth noting that while all good job descriptions are aspirational, the list of duties is pretty long for 15-20 hours a week. It’s also not considered a best practice to have the same person doing the financials as the membership database. Well-run churches typically have the parish administrator do the pledges and membership database, while the financial person does the bookkeeping. Otherwise, you run the risk of “ghost members,” or pledges that show on the books in amounts other than what was actually pledged. But the financial person should have no ability to edit member records or pledges.

In short, while it is clear that EJ, Anne Turner, and a number of others intend to do better, but at the end of the day, Grace Church remains the same hot mess it’s been for the past more than 30 years. In short, its days are fast drawing to a close.


Biased Policing

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

By the way, have you ever wondered what biased policing is? The Winter Park Florida police department provides a good definition via its website:

Bias-based policing occurs when an officer makes decisions or takes police action based upon his or her own personal or societal biases or stereotypes, rather than relying on facts and observed behaviors which would lead the officer to believe that an individual has been, is currently, or is about to be involved in criminal activity.

Why bring this up? The reason is that this is the very definition of the City of Alexandria’s conduct towards Bob Malm. City police officers respond to perjuring priest Bob Malm not from an independent perspective, but from a deferential position due to him being clergy (at least in name). As a result, we see the City consistently brushing off evidence of Bob Malm’s perjury, false police reports, witness tampering/obstruction of justice, terroristic threats, and more, and in every case the city takes a pass. So much so that Patricio Alvarez even lied to Wilbur Salas, falsely telling him that Alvarez had not told me about a security detail at Grace Episcopal Church. And in the email containing the lie, Alvarez even tries to equate protesting with Bob Malm’s false claims that he’s being threatened.

In this day and age of problems in policing, it is profoundly troubling that the City of Alexandria employs Alvarez—someone willing to lie in the official performance of hi duties—-as a supervisor.

For the record, above iss the email in which Alvarez lied.


Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Served Requests for Admission

Earlier today, I served requests for admission on perjuring priest Bob Malm in the Federal District Court for The Eastern District of Virginia. Most of the questions centered on Bob Malm’s various fabrications in this matter, including his perjury.

Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Served Interrogatories

Jesus Versus Bob Malm

Earlier today, I served perjuring priest Bob Malm interrogatories in the lawsuit in Federal District Court litigation. The questions, which must be answered under oath, focus on Bob’s various perjuries and fabrications.

Ordinarily, it’s best not to use ‘yes” or “no” questions and answers. But given perjuring priest Bob Malm’s propensity for making stuff up on the fly, I think we just need direct yes or no answers. And if Bob chooses not to tell the truth, I believe I have enough information on hand to pursue additional legal remedies against him.

Of note in the interrogatories, which I am filing with the court, is my request that perjuring priest Bob Malm and his attorney, Wayne Cyron, not try their usual nonsense of “see the materials provided in previous litigation.” Given the misconduct of Bob Malm and Sugarland Chiow in the original litigation, including concealment of at least 16 documents, and other issues including:

  • Perjuring priest Bob Malm’s defamatory email in which he lied to Shannon Johnston, while also falsely claiming I embezzled from a prior employer;
  • Perjuring priest Bob Malm’s other email, in which he specifically denies fearing for his safety;
  • Sugarland Chiow’s games with redaction of documents, including doing so to change their meaning;

I want all the documents, and I want them directly, and I am going to insist that perjuring priest Bob Malm and Wayne Cyron swear that they have not concealed any documents.

Meanwhile, I am going to continue to insist that perjuring priest Bob Malm tell the truth.

Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Asked to Put His Money Where his Mouth Is

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

In perjuring priest Bob Malm’s recent pleadings, he makes a series of bogus claims. But chief among them are the lie that the previous protective order was issued due to harassment. That’s not possible, because the law makes no such provision. So via a Request for Production, I have asked him to cite the provision of law that permits this.

He also claims that my blog “continues to cause problems” for the defendants. So I have asked him for the exact language and relevant information about this language — who the author it, when it was published, etc.

And as to his claim of “threats,” I’ve asked for documentation of the specific language of these threats. I’ve also pointed out that referring to previous productions of documents isn’t going to cut it in light of the concealment of past documents, including the infamous defamatory one from Kelly Gable, which perjuring priest Bob Malm forwarded to Shannon Johnston, adding a lie about the timing of my arrival at Grace Church.

I’ve also filed a copy with the court, as I think it’s important to see the various fabrications coming from Grace Episcopal Church and perjuring priest Bob Malm.

The fact that the lies continue also tells you that Grace Church remains every bit as toxic and un-Christian under Anne Turner as it was under perjuring priest Bob Malm. Even in federal court Grace Church doesn’t have the integrity to tell the truth.


Injunction Filings

Perjuring priest Bob Malm

Earlier today, perjuring priest Bob Malm and I traded filings in federal district court over my request for an injunction. The latter would prevent Bob Malm from attempting to bypass security on my blog, from engaging in witness tampering, from contacting me directly, or trying to threaten or intimidate me.

Predictably enough, Wayne Cyron falsely tells the court that Bob and his family have not tried accessing my blog—a claim readily proven to be a fabrication. One has only to check the myriad access attempts from Jekyll Island to see what’s going on — the rest of Georgia has had maybe a dozen hits in the past year, but since February there have been dozens of attempts from Jekyll Island. Hmmm.

As to Wayne’s assertion that none of the IP addresses in question are known to the Defendants, it’s highly doubtful that perjuring priest Bob Malm even knows what an IP address even is, let alone how to locate one.

Apropos witness tampering, Bob has contacted multiple witnesses and attempted to influence their testimony, versus the one person that Wayne cites.

Then we turn to Wayne’s claim that my blog is threatening. It is not, and I challenge him to produce evidence to prove his claim.

And Bob has repeatedly contacted me in violation of my request that he not do so, in two cases threatening me.

Finally, contrary to Wayne’s assertions, the federal Stored Communications Act expressly provides for an injunction preventing people from accessing stored communications without authority.


Anyway, combined in one file below is both perjuring priest Bob Malm’s filing and my response.

Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Sued in Massachusetts

Perjuring priest Bob Malm

Yesterday I filed suit against perjuring priest Bob Malm in the Wareham Massachusetts District Court. Claims include defamation, abuse of process, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and perjury (the latter is not a separately actionable claim, but may be part of a claim of abuse of process).

Below is the complete filing:


Breaking News: Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Sued in Massachusetts

It comes as no surprise to anyone following my conflict with perjuring priest Bob Malm, but moments ago I filed suit against Bob in Massachusetts. We should have service of process by the end of the week.

I am not yet ready to publish details, but I have given Bob’s legal team a heads-up as a matter of professional courtesy.

Details as soon as possible.

Grace Episcopal Misses Deadline to File Brief With Virginia Supreme Court

Bob Malm, perjuring priest

Earlier today, I got an email from Matthew Youssef, the attorney for Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, and perjuring priest Bob Malm. Turns out he apparently has missed a deadline to file a reply brief with the Virginia Supreme Court, and he attributes the matter to not receiving an email of my pleadings.

To be clear, the other attorney copied on the email got his copy. I did not receive a delivery failure message. Matthew knew the document was coming, and he knew he had a deadline. Why, if in fact, he didn’t receive a copy, he didn’t pick the phone and call me is just not clear to me.

So, I have told Matthew that I won’t oppose him if he files an untimely brief. But I did point out, as politely as possible, that there were some real gaps in how this was handled. Nor was I particularly alarmed not to have heard from Matthew, as passive-aggressive silence has been the response to several other emails I have sent Matthew.

I also forwarded the correspondence to the clerk of the Supreme Court, to ensure that all are in the loop and on the same page.

Easter Attendance Shows Profound Decline

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

The pandemic has done a number on most churches, causing sharp declines in giving and attendance. But even when factoring in attendance at the streaming services — which should have been easy pickins’ for the cultural Christians who attend at Easter and are probably eager for connection outside the home — things were grim for Grace Church this year. In fact, Grace increasingly looks to be circling the drain.

For example, counting in-person and online attendance, Palm Sunday managed about 220 persons. Not too shabby, but a far cry from the 275 or so that would have shown up pre-COVID.

The Great Vigil, counting in-person and online attendance, managed about the same—217 persons.

And Easter Sunday, counting in-person and online attendance, eked out roughly 300 persons.

What is most telling about these numbers, though, is that they, like Christmas, are high-water marks for the liturgical year. In other words, they are as good as things get. And right now, that is not looking too good. It also suggests that, outside of regulars, the community increasingly is disengaging from the parish. That’s not surprising, given the myriad examples of misconduct from within the parish.

In short, all data suggests Grace will continue its precipitous decline.

David and Chrissie Crosby Remain Clueless

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

When I saw this year’s Easter bulletin and flower dedications, I had to laugh and roll my eyes. Why? Because David and Chrissie Crosby remain clueless.

In their flower dedication above, David and Chrissie talk about dying to self and resurrection and all that they have learned over the past year about those topics. But they don’t appear to have learned anything at all, because resurrection involves the death of the past and the growth of new life.

In the case of Grace Church, the parish continues to try to defend its perjury, concealment of evidence, its witness tampering in court, and its defamation. Thus, it has not died to the past, but continues to pull the past into the present.

And unlike the women who appeared at Jesus’ tomb on Easter morning, the church is not willing to approach reality and look it in the eye. One can readily look at the screen caps of perjuring priest Bob Malm’s emails to see that he has committed perjury, concealed evidence, and tampered with witnesses. As to Kelly’s defamation, I am out and about, wandering around, doing my thing. So that in itself speaks to her claims of embezzlement, and I have encouraged Motormouth to put her money where her mouth is and file a police report.

Then there is the uncomfortable reality for David and Chrissie of Bob Malm’s lie to the bishop. Myriad parishioners can confirm that Bob’s email about the timing of my arrival at Grace is a lie, but David and Chrissie are still in “Bobby Malm, You’re Amazing!” sycophant mode, so they will never walk to the tomb and look the truth in the face. That truth is that perjuring priest Bob Malm is a priest in name only. He is a liar, a perjurer, a bully, a manipulator, and worse, and you may quote me on that. But for David and Chrissie to look that reality in the face is to call their very faith into question, so they will never do it. Even worse, David and Chrissie are apologists and enablers. One cannot be true to one’s claim to be a Christian and endorse Bob Malm’s behavior, nor can one turn a blind eye to it.

Let me close with this: Grace has neither died to self, nor died to its past, nor is it moving towards resurrection. Instead, it is imploding due to its own rot and corruption. To paraphrase Jesus, it’s glittery and pretty on the outside, but it is rotten and stinking at its core.

Sued for Perjury, Witness Tampering and Conspiracy

Perjuring priest Bob Malm

ALEXANDRIA, Va., April 5, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Eric Bonetti, the first person married to a same-sex partner at Grace Episcopal Church in Alexandria VA, is suing his former priest in the Federal District court for the Eastern District of Virginia, case number 1:21-cv-00190. The pleadings allege that the Rev. Robert Hiller Malm, while acting as rector of the church, committed perjury in a previous lawsuit against the plaintiff, engaged in witness tampering, concealed evidence, and falsely accused Bonetti of threatening Malm and the church. Further, the complaint alleges that Malm and the other defendants colluded to infringe Bonetti’s First Amendment rights, including to criticize the church and its clergy.

The complaint specifically alleges that Malm, acting on behalf of the church, falsely claimed that Bonetti’s late mother, then dying of COPD and bedridden for several years, or someone claiming to be her, contacted Malm repeatedly to schedule appointments, only to no-show.

The pleadings further allege that the City of Alexandria engaged in discriminatory, biased policing by assisting Malm and the church in their previous lawsuit, while ignoring the Plaintiff’s allegations of criminal activity by Malm.

The lawsuit further alleges that the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia has known for some time of Malm’s alleged perjury but declined to do anything on the basis that criminal charges have not been filed.

In motions recently filed with the court, Bonetti has asked for permission to add additional defendants to the case, including the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts and St. Gabriel’s parish in Marion Massachusetts.

The City of Alexandria and other defendants have filed motions to dismiss. A preliminary hearing in the matter is set for late May.

Bonetti is a former attorney, now retired.

Press Release Issued

Perjuring priest Bob Malm

A press release has been sent nationwide regarding my suit against Grace Episcopal Alexandria, perjuring priest Bob Malm, and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. The release can be found here and has gone to both traditional and new media nationwide, as well as reporters covering the legal beat.

A second release is going out later today or tomorrow.


Face Palm Sunday

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Grace Episcopal Alexandria: A church that commits perjury, lies under oath, urges people to commit suicide, tries to drag the dying into court n violation of the law, and now celebrates Easter.

Maybe it’s time to observe Lent and see how that goes.


My Comments on The Roanoke Times

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Recently the Roanoke Times ran an excellent op-ed by the bishop of Southern VA on inclusion in the church. I liked the article, but felt the need to warn people that, at least here in DioVA, the church is spectacularly mendacious.

Above are my comments.


City of Alexandria Memo in Support of Motion to Dismiss

Perjuring priest Bob Malm

Here, after removing the pages that were incorrectly double-scanned by the City of Alexandria, is the city’s memo in support of its motion to dismiss. I am going to avoid offering any comments except to note that the city is not doing anyone any favors with its conduct in the matter.


Plaintiff’s Brief

Bob Malm, perjuring priest

Earlier today, I received the City of Alexandria’s Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit filed against it in federal district court. That’s eleven days after they filed—apparently the City was waiting for the Court to send me a copy. Sorry kids, doesn’t work that way, and I never did get a copy from the Court.

Anyway, none of my arguments are really new. But as I point out, there’s ample evidence of the City’s bias in this matter — a bias that started innocently enough, but that has had disastrous results for Grace Church.

In short, the defendants had best hope they don’t get what they want, which is dismissal. If that occurs, we will go our separate ways, and I will continue to call the church out on its shocking and outrageous behavior. The result will be the continuing precipitous decline of Grace Church.

In other words, Grace needs me more than I need Grace. I am fully prepared to continue my opposition to the church for the next 20 years if I have to. And given longevity in my family, it’s entirely possible that I have another 40 years to go. In other words, I may well outlive both Grace church and TEC.

Risk Of COVID-19 Very High in Alexandria, Even as Grace Church Begins Reopening

Cases of COVID-19 in Alexandria remain high, and are increasing, even as Grace Episcopal Alexandria makes the foolish decision to reopen.

Data showing a very high risk of COVID-19 infection in the city comes from the New York Times, which currently shows the following visual of infections and risk.

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

To be fair, that’s better than even just a few weeks ago, when the city was in the extremely high risk category. But with new variants rapidly spreading and the US fast tipping into another surge, now is not the time to reopen.

Yet another example of bad judgment on Grace Church’s part.

More Legal Briefs Filed in Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia

Perjuring Priest Bob Malm

Earlier today, defense counsel and I traded briefs regarding my federal civil rights claims against perjuring priest Bob Malm, Grace Episcopal Alexandria, and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. Those briefs are rolled up into the PDF that follows.

At issue is whether Section 1983 of the federal civil rights act reaches private citizens. In this case, I aver that it does, as the defendants are colluding with one another to support Bob Malm’s perjury, witness tampering, and other illegal conduct.

Grace Continues to Defer Maintenance, Fails to Understand Implications

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

A quick look at the Grace Church property makes clear that the church continues to defer both preventive maintenance and emerging maintenance needs. These factors, combined with ignoring opportunities to implement costs-saving upgrades, spells bad news for the parish’s long-term finances. In addition, the shabby appearance of the church sends an uninviting message to prospective members.

Easy Fixes Outdoors

Some of the issues are immediately obvious. For example:

  • Several of the photocells that control outdoor lighting are burned out, which means that lights are on all the time. This includes the LED lights at the rear of the property, as well as the floodlights over the library. This wastes energy and sends a message of indifference.
  • Last summer a mower ran over one of the two LEDs floods on the front sign. This is still unrepaired and constitutes an imminent hazard to children.
  • The lawns look like hell. Overgrown and full of weeds, the lawns send a profoundly negative message about the church.
  • The invasive English ivy that we removed back in 2013 is back with a vengeance, and the wooded areas fairly scream indifference.

And while Kristine Hesse has been doing a good job of weeding and sprucing up the outside, much more needs to be done.

Less Obvious Issues

On other fronts:

  • The wood trim from the 1994 renovations continues to rot, including around the bridge windows, and along the front of the Perjuring Priest Narthex.
  • The insulated glass windows in the tower and bridge leak water, and are at end of life.
  • The EPDM roof over the sacristy and around the tower is at end of life, and needs caulking in the meantime.
  • The roof over the Perjuring Priest Narthex still needs to be replaced
  • There are some seriously bad, amateur-hour repairs to the slate roof.
  • The roof over Merrow Hall is past life; the life expectancy for the low-grade sheet roofing is only 8-10 years.
  • The concrete parapet on the tower is failing, resulting in water incursion and deteriorating masonry in the tower itself.
  • There is a major water issue in the masonry in Merrow Hall.
  • The original elevator is on its last legs.
  • The physical plant overall does not meet current ADA standards.
  • The parking lot is long overdue to be repaved.
  • The improvised light poles in the parking lot are well past life, and the HID lights are spectacularly energy inefficient. Indeed, the poles are rotting, and eventually will fail catastrophically, creating a serious hazard to parishioners and school students. Most likely, this will happen during a summer storm, when the rotting wood will give way.
  • Failure to address this issue soon will result in catastrophic failure of one or more of the lights, most likely in the midst of a summer storm.
  • The slate steps have not been resealed, which should happen every year to prevent further deterioration of the underlying concrete slab.

Missed Opportunities

While replacing fluorescent lights would not offer sufficient savings to warrant replacement, the HID lights on the parapets are profoundly energy-inefficient. Replacing them with LEDs would:

  • Cut maintenance costs.
  • Avoid burned out lights.
  • Save energy.
  • Result in major reductions in electric bills.
  • Quickly pay for themselves.

Similarly, replacing the incandescent bulbs in the sconces outside entrance doors would eliminate the need to replace bulbs in a regular basis.

As to the previously mentioned accessibility issues, at a time when society as a whole and the Episcopal Church are aging, it makes sense to ensure that the facility is open and inviting to all persons. This would require automated doors at several entrances, and at the bathrooms. And while the cost would be roughly $10,000 for installation on the two main entrances and one set of bathrooms, this is a small price to pay to ensure inclusion.

Lack of Planning

But most concerning is the lack of planning. To this day, there is no capital reserve study, as David Adams recommended back in 2014.

As a result, the parish has no idea what maintenance needs to be done, when it needs to be done, or what it will cost to have it done. (I paid out of pocket for a replacement reserve study in 2014, but declined to provide it to the parish when it was completed due in 2015 due to the childish and immature behavior of Alison Campbell and Lisa Medley. Far better to drop it in the shredder, which is exactly what I did.)

This means the church is flying blind, and there is no one on the vestry with the skill sets need to resolve those issues. What I can safely state is that the church is in far more perilous financial shape than it realizes, for there are a number of repairs that could surface without warning, much like the HVAC system, which the church ignored right up until it failed, with disastrous results.

Moreover, much like the minor leak under the front stairs, which could have been repaired for a couple of dollars when it first emerged, but cost $700 when the long-ignored wall failed, several of the issues — like the water leak in the tower, or the problems with the masonry in Merrow Hall — will cost exponentially more when they are fixed by virtue of having been ignored.

Of course, this lack of planning also speaks to the BS of Mary Stewart and others, with their claims that the church has been careful with its funds. Anyone with even basic non-profit financial literacy realizes you cannot be careful with your money when you refuse to engage in the planning needed to forecast your future financial expenses. And the egregious waste of the Malm years, when one out of every five dollars went to a feckless perjurer, the parish paid Malm a $100,000 2014 bonus, funds were drawn from savings to pay for things like Chris Byrnes’ farewell party, and thousands of dollars of cash were found loose in the parish administrator’s office, makes it clear that this is a church with serious governance — and yes, cash management — issues.

My Advice

My advice to anyone considering joining Grace Church is to approach with great caution. This is an organization with a long history of misfeasance and nonfeasance when it comes to its facilities and its finances, along with really bad behavior by its rector and members. And there is no sign that the church has done anything to improve its dismal track record, particularly when it comes to managing the physical plant.

In fact, Peter Hanke would be well advised to stop spending his time taking photos of people legally exercising their First Amendment rights outside the church, and more time being parish administrator. There is no reason why an imminent electrical hazard, like that in front of the main sign, should be unrepaired eight months later.

Parting Thought:

And by the way, let me be the first to say it: Absent dramatic and immediate changes, the church can no longer afford its physical plant. Indeed, with more than $300,000 in accrued deferred maintenance, and more piling up, the church needs to start thinking about cutting its losses and moving to a less expensive church building.