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Happy Easter!

Hi everyone. Posting live from Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, where I am protesting outside Easter services. True to form, the denizens of Planet Malm react in different ways, ranging from Kevin Stancil’s “Happy Easter,” to Jean Reed’s telling me to go away, to calling the police, to the childish woman in the photo, Maryland plates,… Read More »

Grace Episcopal Alexandria is Dying

You have to hand it to Episcopalians—-they are masters at denial, equivocation, avoidance, and passive-aggressive behavior. It therefore comes as no surprise that the recent news from Grace Church is a masterwork of misinformation, misrepresentation, and empty triumphalism. At the annual parish meeting, an annual balanced budget of $983,050 was announced. This reflects a net decline in pledging… Read More »

More than 25,500 People Sign Petition Demanding Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Be Held Accountable

Think fast. What’s almost 49 percent bigger than the Average Sunday Attendance (ASA) for 2020 for the entire Episcopal Diocese of Virginia? The answer is easy: Signatures on my petition, demanding that perjuring priest Bob Malm be held accountable. In 2020, ASA was 17,237. That’s only a fraction of the signatures on my petition, which as of today… Read More »