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More Signs of Trouble from DioVA

As some of you know, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia recently announced that there will not be a vote on a Bishop Provisional at this weekend’s general convention. The news was released immediately following Sunday’s farewell reception for bishop Shannon, held at the Virginia Theological Seminary.  Taken in light of recent events within the diocese, the announcement adds… Read More »

Dysfunctional Bob Malm and Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow: Despicable Conduct in Light of the Synagogue Shootings

Dysfunctional Bob Malm and Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow have much to apologize for following the recent shootings at the Tree of Life Synagogue. Specifically, by attempting to manipulate perceptions — within the parish, within the Alexandria police department, and via their outrageous, inflammatory court filings —- and falsely claiming that criticism of their actions is “domestic terrorism,” they disrespect… Read More »

Catholic Church Gets It; Episcopal Church Remains Clueless

In the midst of the burgeoning Catholic sexual abuse scandal, there is a sad truth that is emerging. Specifically, the Catholics, at least on paper, get that abuse includes many things beyond sexual abuse. The Episcopal Church, and particularly the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, don’t get that. In its recent communique, the Catholic synod noted that abuse takes… Read More »

Protests this Weekend

Planning to get an early start on the weekend with some protesting outside the Emmanuel-on-the-Hill pumpkin patch. I may also make an appearance at Bob Malm’s favorite, which he refers to as “Dysfunction Junction.” On Sunday, I plan both to protest, and to leaflet certain high-value audiences. In addition, making plans now for extensive social media coverage and… Read More »

Interesting Quote from Catholic Sexual Abuse Case

The recent sentencing of former Catholic priest Wayland Yoder Brown, who was convicted of raping multiple boys while serving as a Catholic priest, brought to light an interesting quote from prosecuting attorney Duffie Stone. The latter says of Brown: “He not only violated the trust of children, but violated their faith. He used the Catholic faith against them,” … Read More »

New Sign

One of the best ways to deal with a bully is to make public his or her actions. So, in light of Bob Malm’s inflammatory legal pleadings, drafted by Sugarland Chiow, here is my newest piece of signage. I also plan, later this week, to leaflet areas around the church with similar messaging. If Dysfunctional Bob and Sugarland… Read More »

Dear Grace Church: Bob Malm Played You

In Bob Malm’s long-running vendetta against me, there’s a dirty little secret lurking right behind the scenes.  The secret? It’s that Bob Malm played his own church. That’s right, folks, he threw you under the bus. Here’s what you don’t know. Late in 2017, it was Lindsey Malm who called the police. That’s right—Bob was not the culprit. … Read More »

Grace Church: Corrupt Organization?

A family member of mine works professionally in the study of corrupt organizations. This means that he studies organizations on behalf of the government that either were formed for an illegal or corrupt purpose — like the Cosa Nostra — or have become a corrupt organization. The latter may be independent groups, like a bank that launders money,… Read More »

Grace Episcopal’s Claim that It’s Threatened by “Domestic Terrorism” Now Seen More Than 106,000 Times

One of the reasons to carefully consider the hazards and risks of litigation, both before going down that path, and while mapping out litigation strategy, is that today’s inflammatory rhetoric may be part of tomorrow’s press release.  If nothing else, a prudent attorney recognizes that court filings are matters of public record, and inevitably will reflect on both… Read More »

See for Yourself: Episcopal Priest Bob Malm Claims Grace Episcopal Has Installed Wireless Panic Buttons; Raises Fears of an Active Shooter

In recent court documents, Episcopal priest Bob Malm, rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Alexandria, said that the church has installed “single-button wireless transmitter safety pendants,” which are “at the ready during church services.” Malm further raised the possibility of an active shooter. See for yourself. My opinion: Any priest with such an active imagination and determination to… Read More »

Grace Episcopal Church Pleads for Additional Funds as it Faces a Financial Crisis Caused by Poor Planning, Bad Behavior by the Church

Following its decision to try to silence critics by falsely claiming that the church was threatened by, in the words of attorney Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow, “domestic terrorism,” and its decision to try to drag a woman dying of COPD into court, Grace Episcopal Church is facing a growing budget deficit. On the giving side, year-to-date income is down… Read More »

See for Yourself: Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow Doesn’t Know What Terrorism Is

Amidst the overheated, inflammatory rhetoric coming out of Grace Episcopal aka St. Dysfunction, one of the amusing and notable things is that Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow doesn’t know what the word “terrorism” means. Interesting for someone who allegedly has served in the US Marine Corps and an example of Sugarland’s apparent indifference to the facts behind his legal pleadings.… Read More »

See for Yourself: Denizens of Planet Malm Threaten Tortious Interference With Employment

In a move straight out of Kirk Steffensen’s playbook, one of the anonymous #fakechristians from Planet Malm is threatening tortious interference with my employment contract via a series of posts on Fairdax Underground. Leaving aside the fact that I’m happily retired and now just work for fun, this is a great illustration of St. Dysfunction at its toxic… Read More »

Coming Soon: Planet Malm Halloween Special

Planet Malm residents will be pleased to know that the church will soon again be in the news, and just in time for the fall pledge drive. Lots of good coverage of Bob Malm’s claim that he has been threatened by “domestic terrorism,” as well as his other various lies in court. These include his: False assertion that… Read More »

See for Yourself: Grace Episcopal’s Claim to be Threatened by “Domestic Terrorists” Seen Almost 60,000 Times

Given Episcopal church attorney Jeff Chiow’s very serious courtroom assertions, members of the church, neighbors, and students at the school have a right to know about his claims, made in publicly available court filings. This document was filed in the Venango County PA Court of Common Pleas. Consider: Either Jeff’s assertions are truthful, in which case one must… Read More »

New Data Reveals Episcopal Priest Bob Malm’s Vendetta Continues to Damage Church

Results from the annual parochial report recently went live on the national church’s website. Grace Episcopal Church’s data reveals that Bob Malm’s multi-year vendetta against me and my family continues to erode participation in Sunday worship by approximately 17 percent.  Average Sunday Attendance, or “ASA” in Episco-speak, is considered a key barometer of church health. Coming at a… Read More »

Next Week: Protests at Mayo House

I’m not sure yet what day it will be, but next week I hope to get in an afternoon of protests outside of Episcopal Diocese of Virginia headquarters at Mayo House in Richmond. Sunshine, fresh air, mild temps—what could be better? Details as soon as possible.

Coming Soon: New Signage

In light of Bob Malm’s references to me and Mom as “domestic terrorists” in his court filings, including his Motion for Reconsideration filed with the Venango County Court of Common Pleas, I have decided to add additional signage for my protests. The new signage should be here in the next week or so. Check it out!

Lack of Transparency Hinders Grace Episcopal Stewardship

There’s a great article on ECF Vital Practices this month about the importance of financial transparency to these success of churches. The article, found here, also illustrates why Grace Episcopal Church is in serious financial and spiritual trouble. In the article, the author correctly notes that the vestry legally is responsible for establishing and supervising internal controls; the rector,… Read More »

Denial: It Ain’t Just a River in Egypt

In reading over recent reports about the sorry state of Grace Church’s budget, there is one theme that runs throughout. It’s a theme that is both amusing and appalling. What is that theme? It is the notion that the multiple failures in the building infrastructure, particularly in the HVAC systems, were both unexpected and cost more than anticipated. … Read More »