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Kelly Gable, Grace Episcopal Alexandria Motormouth

A review of court records reveals that Grace Episcopal Church member Kelly Gable, who accused Eric Bonetti of being a “compulsive liar,” and an “embezzler,” has more than empty alcohol bottles in her closet.

Indeed, skeletons in her closet include a personal injury judgment, past criminal charges for the assault and battery of a family member (docket JA024739-01-00), and a massive 2024 Chapter 7, bankruptcy.

Additionally, court records reveal Gable has lied with her claims that her ex-husband’s assistance increases as his income grows.

Per Gable’s bankruptcy paperwork, she has been unemployed since 2023. Prior to that, she was marginally employed, with gross earnings of $23,720.00 in 2022.

Support from Gable’s ex husband has remained steady at $30,000 annually. She is collecting no unemployment or disability.

Gable appears to have previously totaled her car. As a result, her only assets are clothes, a small amount of furniture, some personal electronics, and a small 401(k) retirement fund. Meanwhile, she owed more than 18 creditors money, including tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt.

A lawsuit against a landscaping company for $75,000 was thrown out in January.

Total debt discharged in Gable’s bankruptcy is $336,798.00

Despite the bankruptcy, Gable’s monthly expenses, which total $2,868.00, continue to far exceed her income of $4,756.00. Thus, she is at risk of homeless and loss of health insurance.