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It’s Lent: Is the Irony Lost on Bob Malm?

As I get older, one of the things I increasingly appreciate is the irony of life. That includes the fact that it’s Lent, and Bob Malm seemingly is good with standing in front of a congregation, talking about introspection and repentance, all while trying to bully me and my family. Adding to the irony is that, when we… Read More »

Bob Malm’s Mess

A friend of mine — a keen observer of human nature — recently pointed out something I already knew, which is that Bob Malm is trying to discredit me by telling people that I am “unbalanced,” She also added a very astute observation, which is that while that argument may work with Grace church, it doesn’t work at… Read More »

Why Keep Writing?

“Why keep writing?” is a question I’ve received from more than one friend and fellow blogger. It’s a good question, and one that deserves an answer. But rather than using my own words, I wanted to turn to friend Catherine Thiemann’s wonderful blog, Survivors Awaken the Church.” In it, she has a great post, “Why We Tell Our… Read More »

How Will this End?

A friend of mine recently asked me how this will end. The answer could be one of several outcomes, but none of them are likely to be good for Grace Church. In the best case scenario, the diocese or vestry decide to provide Bob Malm with a little adult supervision. In that case, we return to the agreement… Read More »

Grace by the Numbers

Did you ever wonder what effect Bob’s vendetta against me has had on the parish? The numbers are telling. Since 2015, when this dispute first broke out, the parish has lost more than 100 pledging units. This includes long-time members like John Cunningham, who, in a Facebook post, confirmed that he too had experienced relational and other bad… Read More »