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The Benefits of Blogging

It’s interesting to note that one of the things folks assume about this blog is that it’s a “gotcha” effort. But the reality is far more complex. One well-documented effect of shunning is feelings of despair and hopelessness. At the start of Bob Malm’s campaign of shunning, I and my family did, indeed, suffer this feeling of utter… Read More »

Summary: Grace Episcopal Controls Checklist

By the way, have you read the complete internal controls checklist I posted previously? Bob Malm, rector of Grace Church, argues that he is not shrugging off his duties as rector. Yet, my review of the checklist reveals that more that 60 deficiencies exist in the church’s internal controls. Moreover, there are a several what we will term… Read More »

Grace Church: Teeing Up to Borrow?

Recent signs suggest that Grace Episcopal Church is trying to address its deferred maintenance and other financial issues by preparing to borrow money. What is the evidence for this conclusion? And why, in my opinion, is it unlikely to be successful in this effort? To focus on the evidence, the church recently reviewed its trustees. This group, who… Read More »

Why An Agreed-Upon Procedures (AUP) is Meaningless

One of the great fallacies within Grace Church is that “there is complete financial transparency” and an annual audit, which provides assurances that financial statements are accurate. These claims are absolutely untrue, and here is why. First, in an Agreed-Upon Procedures (AUP) review, attestation is the responsibility of the client, or an independent third party under certain circumstances.… Read More »

Is Your Priest a Serial Bully?

The late Danni Moss published an excellent piece on clergy bullying and I commend it to those of you who may feel like you have you own clergy bully or bullies to deal with.  Because Danni’s family is keeping her blog going in her memory, I’m not sure how long it will be around, so with full credit… Read More »