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Roslyn Retreat Center Closes for Remainder of 2020

The Roslyn Retreat Center, one of two retreat centers owned and operated by the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, today announced that it is furloughing employees and closing for the remainder of 2020. The move is in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Per remarks for Bishop Susan “It’s Not Misconduct if there are No Criminal Charges” Goff, the news… Read More »

Repost: See for Yourself: Perjuring Priest Bob Malm’s Original Request for a Protective Order Shows the Real Grace Church

This one is great. In it, we see perjuring priest Bob’s facially inadequate claims of threats,  which have, thus far, enjoyed Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow’s professional support. In addition, more of perjuring priest Bob Malm’s intimations of mental illness (including multiple personalities, a disorder closely associated with severe abuse), as well as his facially irrelevant letter from the bishop… Read More »

Demands that Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Be Held Accountable Strengthen as Online Petition Approaches 10,000 Signatures

Demands for accountability in the Episcopal Church grow, as my online petition approaches 10,000 signatures. That’s more than the membership of more than 50 church dioceses, and as many signatures as members in the newly re-admittted Diocese of Cuba. The petition demands the the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia conduct a full, fair, and impartial investigation into perjuring priest… Read More »

Grace Church Posts Parish Administrator Job Description

Before we go further, let me say this upfront: As someone who is perhaps the most vociferous critic of Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish, particularly during the final years of perjuring priest Bob Malm’s reign, I like much what I see coming out of the parish. That will come as a surprise to many, but fair is… Read More »

More Evidence of the Hypocrisy of Perjuring Priest Bob Malm

One of perjuring priest Bob Malm’s least attractive qualities is his tendency to tell people what he thinks they want to hear, even when it’s not true. And this appears to be starting anew at St. Gabriel’s in Marion, Mass., where perjuring priest Bob Malm serves as interim rector. In a local news story covering the effect of… Read More »

BREAKING NEWS: Class Action Lawsuit Against Liberty University Spells Bad News For Grace School

Adam Levitt, attorney suing Liberty University Grace Episcopal School, which Lisa “Princess Porcine” Medley refers to as “our day school” to the great angst of school staff, faces potential bad news. Specifically, an unnamed plaintiff has filed a class-action lawsuit in Lynchburg federal court against Liberty University, alleging that it has improperly retained tuition after cancelling classes and… Read More »

Here’s How Grace Church Uses Its Pledge Income

One day in 2013, as I was doing repair work in the undercroft, I noticed that the window sills in the vesting rooms were dirty. Not just a little dirty—disgustingly, filthy dirty. As in not cleaned for several years. Layers of dead flies, dust, and pieces of cut grass that had been blown through the increasingly decrepit windows… Read More »

Happy Easter from Grace Episcopal!

God’s Grace for All! Here at Grace Episcopal, just like Bob Malm, you can lie to parishioners, bully the dying, misuse memorial funds, lie to your vestry, gossip about others, and more. And you can celebrate it all by getting blind drunk at Shrine Mont!  Happy Easter.

Looking at this Conflict, by the Numbers

As of this writing, our online petition has 7,723 signers. Here are some data to put that number in perspective: Based on the most recent data available, signatures equal 36.67% of the diocese of Virginia’s average Sunday attendance. Using the same statistics, which are provided by the national church, signatures equal 11.21% of total diocesan membership. Similarly, this… Read More »

Change.Org Petition Seen Almost 170,000 Times, Spells Further Bad News for the Parish and Denomination

You really have to hand it to The Episcopal Church. At a time when all indicators suggest the denomination is dying, it clings tenaciously to its perceived prerogatives. That includes its utter commitment to ignoring Bob Malm’s perjury. As a result, well over a million people have seen social media posts, ads, and more, including my online petition on… Read More »

BREAKING NEWS: Announcement that DioVA Is Suspending all Live-streaming from Churches Spells Additional Trouble for Grace

Yesterday, DioVA announced that it is suspending all live-streaming from church buildings and shutting church offices except on the basis of unavoidable need. The move, while morally sound, is likely to spell further trouble for Grace Church and other parishes facing challenges. My hunch is that the diocese’s willingness to address the matter from an ethical perspective doesn’t… Read More »

Grace Episcopal Alexandria: Evil in Action

Hannah Arendt, writing on the war crimes trial of Adolph Eichmann, remarked on the “banality of evil.” But what did she mean by that, and what does it have to do with Grace Episcopal? In her research, Arendt found that Eichmann was unremarkable in every way. Noting that he was a rather anodyne bureaucrat, she found him “neither… Read More »

Breaking News: Grace Episcopal Alexandria Again Sued

Grace Church’s Filing Calling Mom a “Domestic Terrorist” It’s been a long time coming, but earlier today Mom’s estate filed suit against Grace Church, the diocese, and several named individuals. Due to the state of emergency in Pennsylvania and the closure of the relevant courts, it may be several more days before things are official. But barring the… Read More »