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BREAKING NEWS: New Police Open Records Law Takes Effect 1 July

One of the difficult things in dealing with perjuring priest Bob Malm’s lies, perjury, and other games has been Virginia’s laws, which permit police departments to keep inactive police investigative records closed. But that changes 1 July due to new legislation, and I have already requested access. So, it will be fun to see what perjuring priest Bob… Read More »

Email to Wayne Cyron

Earlier today, I sent perjuring priest Bob Malm’s attorney, scumbag attorney Wayne Cyron, an email making clear that no matter how things go in court and elsewhere, I am not going away any time soon. Indeed, if nothing else, I will outlast Grace Episcopal and perjuring priest Bob Malm both. Count on it.

Disciplinary Complaint Filed Against Wayne Cyron

Earlier today, I filed a disciplinary complaint against perjuring priest Bob Malm’s attorney Wayne Cyron. The complaint focuses on Wayne’s role in aiding and abetting Malm’s perjury, Wayne’s failure to retract his fabrications offered to in pleadings before the Alexandria Circuit Court, and his failure to honor his obligations to remediate his client’s perjury. The cover letter, which… Read More »

Attorney Wayne Cyron Faces Possible Attorney Discipline

Yesterday, I sent Wayne Cyron, the attorney representing perjuring priest Bob Malm, an email demanding that he take remedial action involving his client’s perjury. Such conduct is madated by disciplinary Rule 3.3, Candor to the Tribunal, which prohibits knowingly false information or assisting a client in perpetrating a fraud upon the courts. Further, the rule requires remedial action… Read More »