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A Day Late, A Dollar Short: Grace Closes Indoor Worship

Weeks into the massive surge in COVID cases, Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, has finally closed to indoor worship. As with most things that Grace does, the parish has managed to screw up both the timing and the implementation. In terms of timing, the parish has been ignoring diocesan guidelines for weeks. That includes the diocesan… Read More »

This Christmastide, Boycott Grace Episcopal Alexandria

This Christmastide, boycott Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish. If the Christmas message means anything, it means love. Love is the opposite of Bob Malm’s perjury, Sugarland Chiow’s various fabrications, or the various forms of hate coming from Grace Church. That includes Lucy Medley’s post urging me to commit suicide. It include’s the church’s attempt to drag… Read More »

Grace Church, Dying Church

Grace Episcopal Alexandria is dying. That’s the inevitable conclusion after looking at both in-person and virtual attendance at this year’s Christmas services. Numbers were, of course, affected by the explosive growth of COVID cases in the region. Many, wisely, made the decision not to put others at risk by staying home, versus attending live services. But even when… Read More »