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What if the Catholic Church Were As Morally Bankrupt as The Episcopal Church?

Potential logical construct construct for Catholic Churches, based on the model of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia under Bishop Susan Goff: 1. Sexual abuse is illegal. 2. Many priests have not actually been convicted of sexual abuse. 3. Therefore, those priests must be innocent of sexual abuse. 4. Thus, the church will not investigate allegations of sexual abuse… Read More »

The Rev. Melissa Hollerith Confirms that Perjury is Okay for Episcopal Clergy Absent Conviction

Check it out: Melissa Hollerith, wife of the Dean of Washington National Cathedral, today confirmed in writing that perjury is acceptable conduct for Episcopal clergy in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. Here is her memo: And here is my response: It is small wonder that, with so little ethical reference point, the Episcopal Church is collapsing. Indeed, the… Read More »

Article on Surviving Church

By the way, another story addressing Bob Malm’s perjury has been published. It’s on the Rev. Stephen Parson’s blog, Surviving Church.  An internationally recognized expert on abusive churches, Stephen previously reviewed Bob Malm’s conduct, terming it “one of the cruelest forms of conduct one human can inflict on another,” and “abusive.” Yet the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia is… Read More »

More on Dysfunctional Bob’s Meltdown

One of the things that’s interesting about Dysfunctional Bob’s histrionics yesterday is that he still doesn’t get it. As in none of his bullying tactics will ever shut down our conflict. Indeed, every time he tries one of these stupid antics, I step things up on my end. In this case, my response has been to sharply increase… Read More »

My Email to Canon Mary Thorpe

After notifying the diocese that I have requested criminal charges against Dysfunctional Bob, there were several emails back and forth with Mary Thorpe, canon to the ordinary of the diocese. In her last one, she asked the following (emphasis added): Thank you for the clarification, Eric. It is helpful to have a clearer picture of what happened from… Read More »

Protect Children: Ban the Episcopal Church!

As a victim of childhood sexual abuse by an Episcopal priest, the one thing I have found over time is that the church does everything in its power avoid individual and collective accountability. So, I have concluded that the only way to ensure that children and other vulnerable people are safe is to ban the Episcopal Church altogether. … Read More »

Does Bob Malm Know That He’s a Liar?

Poet Criss Jami says, “Just because something isn’t a lie does not mean that it isn’t deceptive. A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.”  But does a liar always know he’s a liar? In Bob Malm’s case, I’m not so… Read More »

And the Tweet Goes On!

As the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia and Dysfunctional Bob do their best to silence, smear, and marginalize me, I got a very kind tweet today from from my Twitter buddy, Dr. Vicky. And yes, us whistleblowers stick together. We will not tolerate church hierarchies that try to shut us down. So, the tweet goes on!

Papal Law on Reporting of Abuse Underscores Problems in The Episcopal Church and Diocese of Virginia

Earlier today, the pope issued a decree mandating various changes to abuse reporting in the Catholic Church. Among the changes: Anyone in the church, lay or clergy, who believes or suspects that abuse has occurred is required to report it to church officials. Required reporting of coverup, defined as “actions or omissions intended to interfere with or avoid” civil… Read More »

The More Things Change….

I was chatting online recently with a friend who remains active at St. Dysfunction, aka Grace Church. As the conversation unfolded, he complained about the upcoming Spring Fling Golf Outing, although it seems that he plans to attend. The conversation produced a moment of epiphany though, which is that folks at Grace appear to becoming increasingly tired of… Read More »