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Anne Turner

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Anne Turner is the rector of Grace Episcopal Alexandria, Va. She’s also married to Stephen Watts, an advisor to the Secretary of Defense and an adulterer.

Her affair goes back more than 10 years. Stephen caught her once, but in no time flat she was right back at it.

Even worse, she repeatedly lied to her family and congregation, saying she was going on church retreats, when really she hooking up with her lover on long road trips. Let’s just hope Grace Church did’t pay for these road trips; if they did, it’s called theft by deception,

The diocese knows about her adultery

And before people shrug it off, I have this to say:

  1. Anne lacks courage. Either make the marriage work or have the backbone to get a divorce. Don’t be a chicken squat and try to have it both ways,
  2. Anne is being unfair to her husband.
  3. Anne if being unfair to her children. How does Anne think her children will feel when they find out she’s an adulterer?
  4. Anne is breaking her marriage vows and her ordinations vows—some of the most central vows one can make. If she can’t even keep those vows, what good is she?
  5. Anne has caused tremendous pain and suffering.

I’ve also been following the debacle of Bob Malm for years now. When are you people going to get a real priest, versus some narcissistic jackass whose main goal is a month at the beach ever summer, or having a decades-long affair with someone already in a relationship?

Your church is disgusting. Guaranteed not one of you will have the integrity to apologize or do anything to fix the harm you’ve caused me.

Check out the posts page for documentation of Anne Turner’s affair.

Finally, anyone who thinks that love comes from a series of trysts needs psychological help. Marriage is much more than a few good episodes in bed and some traveling.