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DioVA Continues to Ignore Grace Church Implosion, Even as EDOW Takes Steps to Address Problematic Parishes

There’s an interesting development out there. In its special convention, the Episcopal Diocese of Washington has passed a canon to set up a process to formally address problematic parishes. That contrasts sharply with DioVA, which continues to stick its head in the sand with the mendacious pretense that Bob Malm’s perjury only counts if there are criminal charges.… Read More »

Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Named in Another Press Release As St. Gabriel’s Faces Lawsuit

Earlier today, a press release went live covering the lawsuit against St. Gabriel’s Marion Massachusetts and the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. The move follows the decision of Bishop Alan Gates to ignore former interim rector Bob Malm’s perjury. Malm is the subject of a second lawsuit in his individual capacity. Both the diocese and the parish previously had… Read More »