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Bob Malm and Boundaries

Today, I’m attending a course on clergy boundaries. It’s a great course, as it goes well beyond the standard Episcopal emphasis on sexual misconduct prevention and abuse of the elderly. It also illustrates the major issues Bob Malm has when it comes to pastoral boundaries. Note that I am not suggesting that Bob has engaged in sexual misconduct.… Read More »

Still More Misinformation from Leslie Malm

In one of her posts over at Fairfax Underground, Leslie Malm claims that, on various blogs, I provide differing ages for my Mom, and that somehow proves that I am the author of Mom’s blogs. True to form, though, Leslie’s statement simply isn’t accurate, and never was. The only place I reference anyone’s age on a blog is… Read More »

Holy Week Ad Blitz

My plans for Holy Week include a road trip out to see Mom, replete with a gourmet ham, roast asparagus, and a coconut cake made by my wonderful friend Mary Lee. As a result, protests will be a little lighter than usual. But to make up for it, we’ll have an ad blitz going across the Northern Virginia… Read More »

Email from Mom Disproving Bob Malm’s Bogus Claims

As Bob continues to falsely claim that Mom’s blog is mine and otherwise do his best to trash his own reputation and that of Grace Church, here is what Mom recently wrote about the matter. Note that I have redacted a few words in the seventh line, as I do not wish to lower myself to Bob’s level… Read More »

“Let Go and Let God” — More Hypocrisy From Bob Malm

One of Bob Malm’s favorite phrases is, “Let go and let God,” a hackneyed and trite bit of jingoism. Leaving aside the inherently suspect nature of pseudo spiritual babble of this sort, it is ironic to see how little credence Bob places in his own advice. In the instant case, few would contend with a straight face that… Read More »

Email from Mom

As Bob Malm goes around claiming that Mom’s blog is mine, that begs an obvious question: Having received email from Mom before, and knowing that she previously filed a complaint against him with the Diocese of Virginia relating to his misconduct, why would Bob not deal directly with her? Indeed, if he truly believes Mom’s blog is threatening… Read More »

Bob Malm and Boundary Issues

As many of you know, I transferred out of Grace Church in August 2017. As a result, Bob Malm is not my priest. Further, none of the legal privileges that clergy hold apropos members applies after that date. What does that mean in practice? Several things. First, it means that internal church communications between, for example, Bob and… Read More »