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More Legal Briefs Filed in Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia

Earlier today, defense counsel and I traded briefs regarding my federal civil rights claims against perjuring priest Bob Malm, Grace Episcopal Alexandria, and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. Those briefs are rolled up into the PDF that follows. At issue is whether Section 1983 of the federal civil rights act reaches private citizens. In this case, I aver… Read More »

Bickering With the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts

One of my shortcomings in litigating the current conflict is I have a bad habit of wanting to give the Episcopal Church the opportunity to fix its misconduct. Given the extent of ethical challenges in the church, that’s a lot like trying to teach the proverbial pig to sing, but I keep trying. And so it is with… Read More »

Online Petition Seen Almost Half Million Times

Another milestone is coming up fast, and that is more than a half million views of my online petition on Found at, the petition will soon have been seen by more than a half million people. It’s also telling that many are young, socially aware individuals, meaning that they are among the most likely to be… Read More »