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Matthew Dumont-Machowski: Another Hypocrite from Grace Episcopal

There’s something about Grace Episcopal that breeds hypocrites. Maybe it’s lead in the water pipes. Maybe it’s, as one priest has put it, “an evil spirit.” Or more likely it’s 30 years of perjuring priest Bob Malm. Check out the amusing screen cap of Matthew Dumont-Machowski’s Twitter page that follows: If nothing else, if Matt is serious about… Read More »

Farewell, Amy “Middle Finger” Medrick

The recent news that parish administrator Amy Medrick is leaving Grace Church is sad, for in many ways she typified the dysfunction in the church. From her emailed comments that she was not comfortable with Mike Smith having her personal email address (horrors!), to her on-the-fly and inaccurate expositions of canon law (for example, her statement that it… Read More »