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Bob Malm engages in witness tampering

Moments ago, I filed a motion for injunction with the Alexandria Circuit Court against perjuring priest Bob Malm. The motion asks the court to enjoin Bob or others acting on his behalf from:

  • Engaging in further witness tampering. I further provide a copy of an email he sent to Dee Parsons, attempting to dissuade her from testifying, and copying Sugarland Chiow.
  • Contacting me, except through legal counsel.
  • Threatening me.
  • Attempting to access this website, or to bypass security features of the website. I further provide a copy of my firewall logs, in which Bob Malm or someone in his household attempted 137 times in one day to bypass security on this site.

I’ve requested that the matter be heard on the April 28, 2021 Motions Day.