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Miami Building Collapse Should be a Wakeup Call to Grace Episcopal

The horrific collapse of a seaside mid-rise in Florida, almost certainly due to water incursion resulting in the deterioration of concrete, should be a wake-up call to Grace Episcopal. That said, given how clueless the church and its “leadership” are about building maintenance issues, the lesson will almost certainly go unheeded. Consider: For years water was allowed to… Read More »

Risk Of COVID-19 Very High in Alexandria, Even as Grace Church Begins Reopening

Cases of COVID-19 in Alexandria remain high, and are increasing, even as Grace Episcopal Alexandria makes the foolish decision to reopen. Data showing a very high risk of COVID-19 infection in the city comes from the New York Times, which currently shows the following visual of infections and risk. To be fair, that’s better than even just a… Read More »