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Perjuring priest Bob Malm

Earlier today, I sent an email to Wayne Cyron, perjuring priest Bob Malm’s attorney, asking Wayne to provide to Bob a copy of the defamatory email chain from Kelly Gable, then serving as a vestry member, to Bob Malm, and then on to bishop Shannon Johnston.

In the email, perjuring priest Bob Malm claims I left RPJ Housing prior to coming to Grace Church. As EJ Legere and numerous others, including Amy Barron and Kelly Gable herself can attest, that is a lie. But Bob tried to avoid my interrogatory about his reasons for lying on the basis that he doesn’t have a copy of the email.

So, problem solved. Wayne can provide perjuring priest Bob Malm a copy of the email and he can answer my interrogatory.

Of course, given Bob’s ongoing issues with lying, no doubt he’s going to claim that he forgets, that he misunderstood, or other BS. And in doing so, perjuring priest Bob Malm will simply dig himself and Grace Episcopal further into the hole.

That’s just how perjuring priest Bob Malm rolls.