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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

With almost 25,000 signatures, my petition on continues to gain traction, even as Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, and the City of Alexandria do their best to ignore former rector Bob Malm’s perjury. Meanwhile, I keep pushing to end the coverup, take action, and afford Mom the dignity in death that perjuring priest Bob Malm and Grace Episcopal Alexandria denied her in life.

This being Lent, you’d think that Grace Episcopal Alexandria and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia would show a tiny bit of integrity, tell the truth, and make things right, wouldn’t you? But sadly, the reality is that Lent means nothing except for really bad cheese sandwiches and boring lectures for these folks. And they fail to see any connection between their conduct and their imploding fortunes, including Grace Episcopal’s collapsing finances.

Of course, that is common for narcissists and narcissistic organizations. Their behavior can and often is atrocious, yet they see no conflict between their behavior and their self-professed values.

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