BREAKING NEWS: Grace Episcopal Alexandria and Bob Malm Sued in Federal District Court

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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Breaking news. Perjuring priest Bob Malm, Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, and the City of Alexandria are being sued in federal district court for conspiracy to violate various constitutional rights, including due process, equal protection, freedom of association, and freedom of speech. The move comes as a result of the City of Alexandria’s ongoing refusal to address its role in promoting perjuring priest Bob Malm’s illegal behavior, including his perjury and filing of false police reports. In addition, both the city of Alexandria and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia have repeatedly refused to address Bob Malm’s perjury.

A copy of the suit has been sent to perjuring priest Bob Malm’s attorney, the bishops of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, the Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Alexandria, and the vestry and clergy of Grace Episcopal Alexandria. Thus, no one can say they are not aware of Bob Malm’s illegal conduct.

A PDF of the lawsuit is included below.