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What Will Happen to Jeffery Chiow?

Someone recently asked me what I think will happen to Jeffery Chiow, aka “Sugarland” for the mythical town he made up to include in his courtroom pleadings. The question arises from Chiow’s concealing documents adverse to perjuring priest Bob Malm and Grace Episcopal church during discovery, which I have reported to the relevant attorney disciplinary committee, along with… Read More »

Becoming Beloved Community?

“This group of parishioners is circling the wagons, and while they seem sane to themselves, they seem immature and hateful to outsiders looking at their behavior.” Sound familiar? If not, that is the reaction from posters on The Wartburg Watch when Lisa Medley, aka the Princess Porcine, and Leslie Malm decided to surface and share their perspectives on me. See… Read More »