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Episcopal Church Tries to Prevent Discovery, Receives Warning About Possible Additional Lawsuits

In a recent exchange with Matthew Youssef, attorney for various third-party deponents, including Anne Turner, Kelly Gable, Patty Culbreth, Lisa Medley, and corrupt Episcopal bishop Susan Goff, Youssef tried to stiff me on discovery. Here is my response: And here’s my PS, in which I call out Bob Malm’s lie in which he falsely alleges that I have… Read More »

Reflections on the Search for a Bishop Diocesan

The search for a bishop diocesan is under way, and the diocese has released its online profile, located here. The effort, though well-intentioned, is headed in a bad direction, and you may quote me on that. Leaving aside several typos in the online profile, there is a cornucopia of the usual themes: Old hymns (in this case, Amazing Grace),… Read More »

Protests Coming to Grace Episcopal Alexandria This Christmas

Following the recent decision by Grace Episcopal to reject my offer of mediation, there’s a special present coming to the parish this Christmas. No, it’s not a lump of coal—it’s protests outside the various Christmas services. Plans are also gearing up for protests outside perjuring priest Bob Malm’s current parish in Massachusetts some time in January. There’s no… Read More »

Sued for Perjury, Witness Tampering and Conspiracy

ALEXANDRIA, Va., April 5, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Eric Bonetti, the first person married to a same-sex partner at Grace Episcopal Church in Alexandria VA, is suing his former priest in the Federal District court for the Eastern District of Virginia, case number 1:21-cv-00190. The pleadings allege that the Rev. Robert Hiller Malm, while acting as rector of the… Read More »