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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

There’s an auto-correct issue in the first line, but the attached is still useful. It is correspondence with Matthew Youssef, the attorney representing Grace Episcopal Church. In it, I remind Matthew of a key reality, which is there is no courtroom outcome that benefits Grace Church, as the church’s issues are not primarily legal, but rather reputational in nature. Any church in which the rector engages in perjury, lies repeatedly under oath, subpoenas a dying woman in violation of state law, conceals evidence squarely within the ambit of discovery, proffers false statements of law and fact in court, and more loses, regardless of the outcome in court. As a result, Grace Church continues to shed members and revenue, a trend that will continue until it starts telling the truth. And the matter is exacerbated by the diocese’s response, which is that it will only get involved if criminal charges are involved.

And yes, I can and will outlast Grace Church if it comes to it. But I will not be bullied into silence.

Email to Grace Episcopal Alexandria attorney