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Jeffery Chiow Disciplinary Complaint

Earlier today, I sent details to the attorney disciplinary committee handling the complaint against Jeff Sugarland Chiow. Recall that I allege that Chiow improperly withheld at least 15 documents adverse to his client during discovery, including several on which he was copied. Thus, he knew of the existence of the documents.

In my most recent correspondence, I notified the committee that perjuring priest Bob Malm claimed during the Massachusetts court case that Sugarland drafted the perjurious response to my interrogatories in which he claimed that my mother, or someone claiming to be her, contacted him repeatedly. Note that Malm is now trying to walk back this perjury, saying that he “never spoke” to my mother.

Based on the diction of the interrogatories, I believe that Malm is, in fact, the author. But given their joint behavior, neither Sugarland nor Malm is someone I trust. So, on the off chance that Malm actually is telling the truth, I have forwarded Malm’s claim that Jeff is responsible for the perjury in question.

Bottom line, if Malm’s claim is true, then the church is stupid for using a dishonest attorney. If Malm’s claim is false, the church is stupid for having a dishonest rector.

Either way, Grace church comes out of this looking stupid and unethical.