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Jeffery Chiow: Additional Information Sent to Disciplinary Committee

Earlier today, I sent details to the attorney disciplinary committee handling the complaint against Jeff Sugarland Chiow. Recall that I allege that Chiow improperly withheld at least 15 documents adverse to his client during discovery, including several on which he was copied. Thus, he knew of the existence of the documents. In my most recent correspondence, I notified… Read More »

BREAKING NEWS: Additional Complaint Filed Against Jeffery Chiow

Earlier today, I filed an additional attorney disciplinary complaint against Jeffery Chiow, who represented Grace Episcopal Alexandria and perjuring priest Bob Malm is the original litigation with me. In my complaint, I allege that Chiow, whose moniker is “Sugarland,” due to his invention, in his legal pleadings. of this mythical town in Texas (not to be confused with… Read More »

BREAKING NEWS: Disciplinary Complaint Filed Against Jeffery Chiow

One of the results of the ongoing litigation is I have now uncovered at least fifteen emails sent to or from perjuring priest Bob Malm’s church email account, but not produced during discovery. That’s a serious ethical issue and a potential violation of attorney disciplinary rules 3.3 and 3.4 (relating to candor to the tribunal and fairness to… Read More »