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Lindsey Anders

Email to Wayne Cyron

One of the lawsuits that’s been sitting fallow for a while is the lawsuit against Lindsey Malm Anders. In it, I allege she has made various defamatory comments about me, including suggesting I have engaged in criminal conduct.

Predictably enough, given that she has perjuring priest Bob Malm for a father, Lindsey’s discovery responses deny everything.

The problem Lindsey faces is that some of the online content out there, including comments on Fairfax Underground about how I allegedly have been physically violent towards Mike, almost certainly come from her.

To make matters worse for Lindsey, I know her IP address, which is the unique numeric identifier associated with her Internet connection. Indeed, at one point I had to remind Wayne Cyron, the attorney representing Lindsey and perjuring priest Bob Malm, that Lindsey may not access my blog as a matter of law.

How did I know Lindsey was accessing my blog? Because I could see her activity in my access logs.

So, I have written to Wayne suggesting that now may be a good time for Lindsey to update her discovery responses. Indeed, if I find that she, like her father, has lied during discovery, I am prepared to go after her hammer and tongs in court.

Lindsey Malm Anders