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See for Yourself: Statement of Agreed Facts Filed in Appeal of Grace Episcopal Church Defamation Lawsuit

This is the Statement of Agreed Facts sent moments ago to legal counsel for Grace Episcopal Church in preparation for the filing of my appeal with the Virginia Supreme Court. This is the case in which perjuring priest Bob Malm concealed the email in question during the original litigation, despite it being squarely within the purview of discovery,… Read More »

Update: Lindsey Malm Anders Lawsuit Moves Forward

One of the lawsuits that’s been sitting fallow for a while is the lawsuit against Lindsey Malm Anders. In it, I allege she has made various defamatory comments about me, including suggesting I have engaged in criminal conduct. Predictably enough, given that she has perjuring priest Bob Malm for a father, Lindsey’s discovery responses deny everything. The problem… Read More »

Breaking News: Lawsuit Against St. Gabriel’s Imminent

Earlier today, I dropped a line to Eric Fialho, the new rector of St. Gabriel’s, Marion Massachusetts. In it, I asked if the church is represented by legal counsel, as I have the lawsuit against St. Gabriel’s ready to go and need to copy her or him on the lawsuit. For those new to my blog, the lawsuit… Read More »

BREAKING NEWS: Massachusetts Lawsuit Under Way Against Perjuring Priest Bob Malm

Earlier today, I completed my draft of a civil complaint against perjuring priest Bob Malm in the Wareham Massachusetts district court. The suit alleges abuse of process, defamation, and the intentional infliction of emotional distress. I’m still working on the attachments, but the suit should be filed sometime on Monday. As stated previously, separate lawsuits are coming against… Read More »

BREAKING NEWS: Appeal Goes to State Supreme Court

In motions court today, Alexandria Circuit Court Judge Clark sustained Grace Episcopal Church’s demurrer on my defamation complaint, despite evidence that the church fraudulently concealed the defamatory email in question. As a result, I have already filed a notice of appeal, and will be petitioning the Virginia Supreme Court for review. Here is the Notice of Appeal.  

A No-Win Situation for Grace Episcopal Alexandria

With motions court set for tomorrow, there’s an important reminder for Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish. Specifically, no matter what happens tomorrow, in the end the church cannot win. It will not win. There is no fact pattern in which it wins. Indeed, if the court buys the church’s arguments tomorrow and dismisses my case, two… Read More »

Time to Grow Up and File a Police Report

As many know, back in October The Wartburg Watch again covered perjuring priest Bob Malm’s defamation of me, which was a republication of comments from Kelly “Motormouth” Gable, in which Kelly claimed I embezzled from a previous employer. In addition, during discovery, Bob claimed he cannot recall which church members told him they thought I had hacked the… Read More »