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Kelly Gable, Grace Episcopal Alexandria Motormouth

This is the Statement of Agreed Facts sent moments ago to legal counsel for Grace Episcopal Church in preparation for the filing of my appeal with the Virginia Supreme Court.

This is the case in which perjuring priest Bob Malm concealed the email in question during the original litigation, despite it being squarely within the purview of discovery, in which he defamed me by falsely telling the Episcopal Bishop of Virginia that I embezzled from a previous employer.

While the Alexandria Circuit Court dismissed the case based on the statute of limitations, it is my contention that Grace Episcopal Alexandria’s fraudulent concealment should have resulted in the tolling of the statute of limitations.

Recall that the original defamatory statement came from Motormouth Kelly, whom I hired at RPJ Housing in an effort to help her financially after her mother told me that they could really use the money. Kelly sent her defamatory comments to perjuring priest Bob Malm, who added a lie about the timing of events and claiming that people at Grace — people whose names he now claims he cannot remember — suspected that I hacked the email system at Grace Church.

Guess it sucks for Grace Church to have named part of the building after a perjurer and liar.