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Grace Episcopal Alexandria
As many are aware, Anglican Watch had its genesis in misconduct by the Rev. Bob Malm, currently serving as interim of St. Peters-on-the-Canal in Bourne, Ma., and his efforts to engage in spiritual abuse by bullying and oppressing Anglican Watch editor Eric Bonetti, his husband, and his mother, Sigrid Yahner, who was then in the final stages of COPD and suffering profoundly.
In fact, several kiddingly refer to this site as Bob’s one great accomplishment. Maybe it is.
Unfortunately, in cases of spiritual abuse like this, many parishioners will join the rector and pile on. Nor does it stop there; the conduct of Bishops Shannon Johnston and Susan Goff have been utterly unethical. Among those involved, including their their roles as gossips:
  1. Kemp Williams
  2. Lisa Medley (who drove past me in her white Acura and gave me the double middle finger, moments are leaving Mass. Guess an hour was just longer than she could bear.)
  3. Lucy Medley — who, in addition to homophobia, urged me to commit suicide. A sure sign of a problematic childhood.
  4. Alison Campbell
  5. Jeff Chiow (who even filed a false police report against me, along with spoliation of evidence [hiding adverse documents] and fabrications, like claiming I am a “domestic terrorist.”)

Others have more complex roles. For instance, Anne Turner, the current rector, is uniquely positioned to either confirm or deny Malm’s allegations that I am “dysfunctional,” “threatening and violent.” If these claims are true, she should have no problem saying so. If they are false, as a Christian she is obligated to say so. It’s called “resisting injustice and oppression.”

Others are victims. Fanny Belanger, for example, allegedly experienced spiritual abuse from Malm, resulting in her quitting early. Predictably, Malm termed announced it was based on “personal reasons.” But Belanger had complained to both the vestry and the diocese, only to be ignored. Big surprise, that.

In other areas, church counsel is, um, misinformed. For instance, Matthew Youssef falsely claims that the church and school are separate legal entities. They are not. Similarly, he falsely told the court that I sued the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania. Absolutely false. Have never had contact with the diocese. Don’t want to.

Relatedly, attorney Wayne Cyron, who allows his law clerks to file pleadings under their own names (something about the unauthorized practice of law), tried to rattle my cage by telling the courts that I blogged under the names of siblings. Curiously, he did it almost exactly 25 years to the day of the anniversary of my only brother’s death, and he ignored my request for an apology and a retraction. Not to mention that there is no tort for posting under any name you want. Hope you have lots of time to go to confession this Lent, Wayne.

And if the defense wants to pull in testimony from some of these individuals (including Kelly Gable’s letter to Malm, which Chiow previously had concealed, and while accuses me, inter alia, of being an embezzler), then it is fair to inquire into Kelly’s veracity. Given her various inaccuracies, her questionable relationship with alcohol, and her claims she was sexually molested by her father, who later committed suicide, these are all relevant. Perhaps church attorneys should have thought more carefully about their conduct.

See for yourself the behind-the-scenes in this truly ugly toxic church, and Anne Turner’s lack of integrity. But it is far too common in the Episcopal Church, and many bishops simply can’t be bothered to address these issues.