Episcopal Church Tries to Prevent Discovery, Receives Warning About Possible Additional Lawsuits

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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

In a recent exchange with Matthew Youssef, attorney for various third-party deponents, including Anne Turner, Kelly Gable, Patty Culbreth, Lisa Medley, and corrupt Episcopal bishop Susan Goff, Youssef tried to stiff me on discovery.

Here is my response:

And here’s my PS, in which I call out Bob Malm’s lie in which he falsely alleges that I have posted photos of his wife, Leslie on porn websites. As someone who doesn’t frequent porn websites, I don’t know which website Malm claims I used, but given Patti Culbreth’s access to church web access records, I am positive that this will be en enlightening conversation.

Perjuring priest Bob Malm

Perjuring priest Bob Malm