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Grace Episcopal Alexandria is Dying

Every year, I post predictions for the coming year apropos Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish. For 2022, I predict another year of decline for the church.

Here are my prognostications for 2022:

  • Grace, like much of the diocese, will be caught flat-footed by the Omicron-fueled surge in COVID cases.
  • Already non-compliant with diocesan guidelines to prevent COVID transmission, both the church and the school will have cases.
  • Given the demographics of the church, there will be at least one death due to COVID.
  • Revenue will continue to decline as parishioners and visitors alike continue to realize that this is a church that is swirling the drain.
  • Conflict within the parish will increase, as the church faces increasing financial pressure.
  • True to form, the parish will try to ignore the precipitous decline in its fortunes.
  • The parish will not develop a strategic plan and thus will continue to drift, rudderless.
  • Key programs will end due to resource constraints, lack of interest, and the continuing threat of COVID.

Let’s see how accurate my predictions are!