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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, is showing additional signs that it faces existential crisis.

Following the stupid decision to have Sugarland Chiow make a stewardship video, the church has:

  • Canceled its much-lauded “beloved Christmas pageant” on the grounds that too many children and parents have holiday travel plans. Assuming this reason is accurate, we can conclude that the pageant may be beloved, but not enough to change holiday plans. One also gets the idea that Malmites are unaware that the Omicron variant infection rate doubles every two to three days. That contrasts with Delta, which doubled every two weeks. And just in case that isn’t enough to convince Malmites t9 stay home for the holidays, the flu vaccine does not match the prevailing flu strain.
  • Again put out an urgent request for flower donations.
  • Begun recruiting additional greeters.

As one friend of mine puts it, “people smell death,” and that is the case here. On every front Grace faces decline and resource constraints, even as it ignores its own internal conflict, un-Christian conduct, and the looming wave of COVID infections.

In other words, Grace is not just a hot mess. It is a dying church, and it has only itself to blame.