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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, continues to plan live services for Christmas, even as the city urges residents to “take precautions immediately.”  The city’s recommendations include moving holiday celebrations to virtual, and reconsidering travel plans.

The news comes as COVID case counts break all previous records, with Alexandria reporting its record high number of cases on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the parish continues to ignore diocesan guidelines, which prohibit receptions during times of high transmission. Instead, the church holds receptions after services in the Merrow Hall auditorium.

After reviewing the church‘s precautions, one prominent epidemiologist said, “They are implementing measures developed to reduce the transmission of the Delta variant and fail to recognize that the Omicron variant is second only to measles in transmissibility. There is no safe distance for indoor worship, and the cloth and surgical masks people are wearing offer little to no protection. Additionally, the efficacy of vaccines drops sharply with age, which the church fails to consider. The only solution right now is to be a good neighbor and stay home.”