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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Earlier this year, Virginia updated its Freedom of Information Act statute, providing access to all criminal investigation records for closed cases. As a result, I immediately sent in a FOIA request relating to Grace Episcopal’s claim that I am a “domestic terrorist.” Knowing folks at Grace Church, the documents produced will cause devastating damage to the church’s reputation.

While I have not yet seen thee documents, I predict we’ll see see myriad lies coming from Bob Malm, often positioning himself as “just the messenger.” Look for lots of of BS about how “my wife is terrified,” even as all the information she receives comes from — you guessed it — perjuring priest Bob Malm himself. Ditto for folks like Amy “Middle Finger” Medrick.

Then we come to the usual parish gossips like Kemp Psychologist Williams and Kelly Motormouth Gable. There I won’t be surprised to find more of their gossip and speculation. Yes, mental health professionals must interview someone to make a diagnosis, but Dr. Williams is so astute he not only can make a diagnosis without a meeting, but has no compunction about sharing it far and wide, even as he deploys the Jesus-babble about repentance and forgiveness. No over-abundance of introspection there. Who knows? We may even get a virtual visit from the Princess Porcine, aka Lisa Medley.

To be sure, I will be publishing content far and wide. People have a right to see what goes on behind the scenes at Grace Church, and I predict this one is going to be ugly. In fact, this may well be the event that ultimately shutters Grace Church.

And to that I say, “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”