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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

I spent much of the day preparing for a deposition of perjuring priest Bob Malm. Good stuff, for sure, and I am going over his materials with a fine-toothed comb.

But in the middle of things something even better came along—an inside tip from someone close to the parish. It’s a real barn-burner, and I have $20 that says perjuring priest Bob Malm will try lying about the issue. But I have incontrovertible evidence, and if he does lie, I am going to have a field day.

So, October 7 is B-day (no relation to the device you use to clean your posterior). Stand by by some rough times involving Bob Malm!

Oh, and in the meantime, I have appealed the court’s decision to impose confidentiality, both to the Virginia Supreme Court and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Don’t be surprised if perjuring priest Bob Malm’s testimony finds the light of day, sooner rather than later.