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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Check it out! Grace Episcopal, where priests commit perjury, attorneys subpoena the dying, vestry members bully people, the vestry lies to parishioners, and the church intentionally misuses memorial donations, is looking to share the joy. Yup, it’s looking to hire a Christian formation specialist for 5-10 hours a week.

The job, which used to be full-time as the family ministry position, has a job description that is almost verbatim that of the old position. Thus, this looks to be a case of the same demands, but fewer hours and less pay. Even better, you get to try to “form” people in a toxic, dysfunctional church that refuses to be accountable for its behavior.

I’d also caution anyone applying for the position that while Anne Turner is a fair and decent employer, the parish is a narcissistic organization. Thus, this likely will be a case of “what have you done for me lately?,” marked by difficulties in setting boundaries.

And don’t be misled by that dumbo Kevin Hamilton with his inane prattling about the professionalism of the HR committee. Lisa Medley, who chairs the personnel committee, is a fat, lying, manipulative POS, and you can quote me on that. Same for Alison Campbell, Sugarland Chiow, Kelly Gable, Kemp Williams, and several of the other hypocritical, two-faced assholes who serve as “parish leaders.” They are Christians in name only, and their baleful influence is shredding Grace Church, even as they think they are are doing just great.

So before you apply, just consider: The job announcement is full of new-age babble about making each other better, but this is still a narcissistic, dysfunctional diocese with no ethical reference point.

I strongly suggest you do yourself a favor and take a pass.