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Virginia Supreme Court Receives Pleadings in Jeffery Chiow Attorney Disciplinary Case

The Virginia Supreme Court today received pleadings filed on behalf of James Bodie, intake counsel for the Virginia Attorney Disciplinary Board. The pleadings are in response to my request to the court, asking it to direct the Board to conduct a full, fair, independent review of my attorney disciplinary complaint against Jeffery Chiow. Here are Bodie’s pleadings.

Petition Filed With Virginia Supreme Court to Prevent Perjuring Priest Bob Malm from Witness Tampering

Earlier today, I filed a petition with the Virginia Supreme Court, asking the Court to overturn a decision by the Alexandria Circuit Court to not grant an injunction that would have prevented perjuring priest Bob Malm and his family from contacting potential witnesses for the plaintiff prior to trial. A copy of the pleading is below.  

St. Gabriel’s Marion and the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts Just Tried to Pull a Fast One

Just over an hour ago, St, Gabriel’s Episcopal Church in Marion and the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts tried to pull a fast one, providing less than three day’s notice that they would like to plead their motion to dismiss at before the federal district court for the Eastern District of Massachusetts on Friday, May 21. I have informed… Read More »